Winter Freezing Liquids!

Preschool Science Experiment

winter freezing liquids science experiment


Simple Science Activity!

It’s time for another great Saturday Science blog hop! Our science experiments are always hands-on and fun, but we don’t always do experiments that have a huge WOW factor but we always try for a fun factor! There are so many concepts to explore!

Winter Freezing Liquids Science Set up

This was a fun quick science experiment to set up, do and observe! He loves to see me place a bunch of items on the table. I guess that signals an activity. He even asked if this was a science experiment. This is such a simple activity to use what you have for liquids and maybe get a little creative. We used water, oil, vinegar, alcohol, whole milk and applesauce. I chose a 1/2 cup to measure each of these into 6 plastic bowls. Hint: Put them on a cookie sheet to start. Easy!

winter freezing liquids set up

Winter Freezing Liquids Pouring/Scooping

I let him help pour the liquids and spoon the applesauce! It’s also great practical skills practice and extends the activity. I like to involve Liam as much as possible. Each day, week, month he grows up just a little bit more and can do a little bit more too! We carried the tray outside and set it on the table outside. Then we waited!

winter freezing liquids pouring liquids

Winter Freezing Liquids Observations!

Liam enjoyed bringing his flashlight outside to check on the liquids. We examined each one and predicted what would happen the next time we would check on the bowls. Beforehand he predicted they would all freeze but water would be the quickest to freeze!

Check 1: 30 Mins after placing tray outside

winter freezing liquids science check 1

Freezing Liquids Science Check 2: Before bedtime last check

Mostly frozen: Water * Somewhat Frozen: Milk * Not Frozen: Apple Sauce, Oil, Vinegar and Alcohol

winter freezing liquids science check 2

Freezing Liquids Science Check 3: First thing after breakfast the next morning!

Frozen: Water and Milk * Mostly Frozen: Apple Sauce and Vinegar * Not Frozen: Oil and Alcohol

winter freezing liquids final check

There you have it! Simple preschool winter freezing liquids science experiment.



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