Snowflake Baking Soda Science

Snowflake baking soda science winter sensory science activity

Winter Sensory Science Activity

Snowflake baking soda science is a quick and easy sensory science activity for young children. We love baking soda science experiments all year long! This simple chemical reaction is so fun for kids! This type of experiment can be recreated in so many novel ways like our melting snowmen and our erupting ornaments! I consider it one of our classic science experiments! 

Snowflake Baking Soda Science Set Up

No season or holiday is complete without some baking soda science activities. We have whole year of fizzing, bubbling eruptions! Here it is a snowflake search  and baking soda science experiment all in one. I took a baking dish and put all my little snowflake buttons, gems and confetti on the bottom. Then I covered them all with baking soda. I set out a bowl of vinegar that I colored blue. To help in the search I provided him with an eye dropper, tweezers and an ice-cube tray. He went and got his magnifying glass.

winter snowflakes science set up

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Snowflake Baking Soda Science Observation skills

A  magnifying glass has become a staple with our science projects greatly. I love it because it means he is able to slow down and look and think about what he is doing. He has a few more questions and he notices a few more things. This snowflake baking soda science experiment was no exception. He loved watching the bubbles but he also noticed the difference in the snowflakes and counted their sides. Obviously there were only 3 different snowflakes, but we could still talk about uniqueness and sides of a snowflake just the same

winter snowflake baking soda science observing

Snowflake Baking Soda Science Experiment Play

He loves this type of dropper and it’s great for fine motor skills too! It’s a bit harder to manage than a traditional dropper so I like that he has to go a bit slower and think about what he is doing a little more! He spent a lot of time depositing the vinegar around the baking dish and uncovering the “snow” covered snowflakes. He loves the fizzing action and will spend a lot of time making sure he uses all the vinegar and making all the baking soda fizz and bubble!

winter snowflake baking soda science playing

Snowflake Baking Soda Science Fine Motor Skills

To extend the snowflake baking soda science activity just a little bit more, I had him use his tweezers and place a snowflake in each section of the ice-cube tray! Even though it was a science experiment, there are so many valuable skills that can be learned and practiced. He counted all his snowflakes!

winter snowflake baking soda science fine motor

There you have it! Simple preschool snowflake baking soda science experiment! Easy, busy fun! 

Melting Snowmen

Snowman baking soda science activity melting snowman winter science


  1. I love all the amazing science ideas that you come up with on a regular basis. This looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks Renae! Science really interests Liam so we always try to incorporate a little into our day!

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