Your little tinkerer is going to love a themed winter tinkering kit this season! What better than a basket filled with curious supplies for creating whatever the mind thinks up. Using components of STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art, and math, your kids can become engineers in their own homes. Plus, these winter tinkering supplies are inexpensive!


Winter tinkering kit for kid's winter STEAM activities



Do you have an inventor in the house? You know that kid that’s always showing you some kind of awesomely crazy contraption he or she has thought up? Do you have one of these?

Setting up a tinkering kit, tinkering station, or make space is the perfect way to fuel his or her imagination and encourage engineering skills. 

The best part is that these materials don’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most inexpensive and even free materials are the best for creating cool STEM projects.

STEM or STEAM which is STEM plus art is all around us, every day and in every way, shape, and form. Introducing your kids to the world is introducing them to STEM. There are so many valuable lessons you can take form STEM projects and challenges.

Winter tinkering kit supplies for kid's winter activities

What to include in a winter tinkering kit

The recycling bin is one of the best resources for inexpensive STEM projects and makes a great addition to a winter tinker station.  Additionally, we add these items:

Pipe cleaners


Zip ties

Popsicle sticks


Pool noodles

Marshmallows {building structures}

Paper clips

Bottle caps

Colored tape



Coffee filters

Old CD’s


Rubber bands and loom bands

Battery operated tea lights and glow sticks

I also like to make sure I have colored pencils, clear tape, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, and plenty of paper ready! A tinkering journal is a great addition to any tinkering station

What can you do with a winter tinkering kit?

The most important things that can be built from a winter tinkering kit are in your kid’s minds. Kids can build simple machines, sculptures, structures, and cool ideas even works of art.

Tinkering is a great alternative to the screen and can be done with a few minutes or a few hours. You can incorporate parts of science, technology, engineering, art, and math into many different projects that come from tinkering.

Why is tinkering important?

Tinkering involves thinking and doing. Without even realizing it, kids are using the design process, implementing their ideas, testing them, problem-solving, and re-testing all while using their critical thinking skills.

But, it’s all fun and a great way to get kids motivated to do more. Pair it with our printable winter STEM challenges too! Or let your imagination run wild.


Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy STEM challenges. 




Winter tinker station for kids STEM projects

However you choose to a tinker kit, it’s a lot of fun when you can give it a theme like a holiday or a season. Check out our Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter tinkering kits, trays, and baskets for more ideas.



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Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy STEM challenges. 



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