Make this very simple watermelon rice sensory bin for summer sensory play. We love rice sensory bins and rice is one of our favorite sensory bin fillers.  We had this huge watermelon sitting on the counter for a few days now and a few bags of colored rice left (green, pinkish red) and a 1/4 used watermelon seed packet. So I set out a little table of activities for him to explore with of course a rice sensory bin!

Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin for Summer Fun!

Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Summer


Have you ever wanted to make a sensory bin? Or are you a seasoned sensory bin maker looking for a new theme? Either way, you are in the right place. We love making sensory bins for the toddler through kindergarten years, and it’s so easy to do! If you are new to sensory bins or want to know more about them, check out our awesome sensory bin resource and guide!

Sensory bins provide an amazing tactile experience for young learners. Plus you can incorporate many additional skills for simple hands-on learning like this math and flowers theme sensory bin or this parts of a flower theme water sensory bin. You can easily change up the themes to suit your kids’ interests.


Step 1: Make colored rice for your watermelon rice sensory bin!

If you have never colored rice before it is quick and easy. I have written all about it plus other fun materials you can color too! We also used a package of real watermelon seeds!

Here’s our simple colored rice recipe.

Once your rice is dry, I layered it across the bottom of a clear storage bin. We talked about the different colors and parts of the watermelon. We examined the seed packet and seeds. We actually have some watermelon growing on the back porch from our Surprise Garden Book and Planting Activity.

Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Seeds In Rice

Finding all the seeds in our watermelon rice sensory bin is great fine motor practice for little fingers. Throw in a pair of tweezers if you like for even more fine motor play! Why not add a magnifying glass too! Find more fun fine motor theme sensory bins here.

Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Fine Motor Picking Up Seeds

There is nothing more fun than mixing up colored rice. I remember this from our rainbow rice sensory bin! Sensory bins are wonderful for mixing, scooping, filling and dumping. These activities also encourage fine motor skills. For another great summer rice sensory bin, try our lemon scented rice sensory play!
Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Watermelon Sensory PlayWe also had the opportunity to explore a real whole watermelon after our fun with the watermelon rice sensory bin.  Watermelon Rice Sensory Bin Watermelon Sensory PlayMake sure to check out the details of our whole watermelon invitation to explore activity. This is also wonderful sensory play for all the senses! Taste, touch, feel, smell, and even sound with a real watermelon is excellent hands-on learning.


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  1. This is so adorable, and I love the colors of your rice! What a great inspiration to strike at 10 pm! We have a big watermelon sitting on our counter right now and you are giving me some ideas. . . 🙂

  2. Thank you! I knew are watermelon was going to have to be cut up sooner rather than later!

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