It’s not long till Christmas and here is a cute LEGO wreath you can build yourself with basic bricks. Christmas is always a blast around here, and finding fun and creative ways to play with our LEGO pieces is a must! Make sure to check out more fun and easy LEGO Christmas ornaments and read on to find out how to make this simple LEGO wreath ornament.



TIP: Use this wreath design as an example if you don’t have the same bricks to build your own unique creation.


  • 21 green round 2×2 plates
  • 6 red 1×1 studs
  • 2 red 1×2 modified stud/cheese wedge bricks
  • 6 green leaves/foliage
  • 1 black 1×1 modified stud with an attachment for string

TIP: Build your collection! I love both of these LEGO classic brick sets that are currently on sale at Walmart. See here and here.  I have bought two of each already!


STEP 1. Set out the green round 2X2 plates and connect them to each other to form a circle. Add the black stud to the top for attaching string to hang.

STEP 2. Connect the leaf pieces to the bottom round plates, three on each side.

STEP 3. Add the remaining green round plates to the top of the wreath.

STEP 4. Add the red 1×1 studs as shown below. Then make a bow at the bottom with the red modified bricks,

Click on the image below or on the link for more fun LEGO Christmas ornaments.

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