Kids love fluffy slime because it’s SO fun to squish and stretch but also light and airy as a cloud! Learn how to make fluffy slime with saline solution so quickly you won’t believe it! This is such a simple fluffy slime recipe to make with only a few fluffy slime ingredients. Make sure to add this slime recipe to your list of favorite slime recipes!


How Do You Make Fluffy Slime?

I get this question all the time! The best fluffy slime starts with the right slime ingredients, of course. The fluffy slime ingredients you will want to have are…

  • PVA school glue
  • Saline solution
  • Baking Soda
  • Foam shaving cream (see more about these ingredients below).

Guess what makes the fluff? You got it, shaving foam! Slime plus shaving foam equals light and fluffy slime! You choose the colors and give it any theme you like. Check out all the fun variations you can try further down!

I use to think making slime was an impossible activity with wasted time and effort, and a disappointed kid. Plus, it’s a recipe, and I don’t like to follow recipes!

However, slime is actually really simple to make, and our slime recipes are so easy to follow. You can get the slime ingredients on your next shopping trip.

Helpful Slime Resources To Get You Started

Everything you need to know about making slime is below! Did you know we also have fun with science activities too?

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Can You Make Fluffy Slime Without Borax?

I have also been asked how to make fluffy slime without borax, and technically this fluffy slime recipe does not use borax powder. Check out the traditional borax slime recipe if you are interested in making slime with borax powder.

Our super stretchy fluffy slime recipe below uses saline solution instead of borax powder as the slime activator. You will need a saline solution that contains sodium borate or boric acid. These two ingredients are also members of the boron family, just like the borax powder and liquid starch are known as slime activators.

It is the borate ions in the slime activator (sodium borate, borax powder, or boric acid) that mix with the PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue and form this cool stretchy substance. This is called cross-linking!

The glue is a polymer of long, repeating, and identical strands or molecules. These molecules flow past one another, keeping the glue liquid. Until…

You add the borate ions to the mixture,  and it then starts to connect these long strands together. They begin to tangle and mix until the substance is less like the liquid you started with and thicker and rubberier like slime! Slime is a polymer.

Picture the difference between wet spaghetti and leftover spaghetti the next day. As the slime forms, the tangled molecule strands are much like a clump of spaghetti!

Is slime a liquid or solid? We call it a non-Newtonian fluid because it’s a little bit of both! Experiment with making the slime more or less viscous with varying amounts of foam beads. Can you change the density?

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Best Tip For Making Super Fluffy Slime

What to know how to make VERY fluffy slime? It’s all to do with the fluffy slime ingredient; shaving foam!

What happens to shaving cream as it comes out of the can? Air is pushed into the liquid creating a foam. The foam’s air gives our shaving cream slime its fluff!

The volume produced from the fluffy slime shaving cream creates a cool texture, like a cloud. Plus, it doesn’t smell too bad, either!

TIP: Don’t over stir your fluffy slime to keep all that air in there!

What happens when the air leaves the foam eventually? It leaves our slime too! However, the slime is still fun to play with, even without the extra fluff.

Check out the photo story of our fluffy slime below, and you can see the fun he is having with our fluffy slime recipe! Homemade fluffy slime is a truly satisfying sensory experience!

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Fluffy Slime Recipe

Don’t want to use saline solution? Borax slime or liquid starch slime are good alternatives!

Fluffy Slime Ingredients:

  • 1/2 Cup of Washable PVA School Glue (We used white)
  • 3 Cups of Foaming Shaving Cream
  • 1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
  • Food Coloring
  • 1 Tbsp of Saline Solution (Must contain both sodium borate and boric acid as ingredients)

How To Make Fluffy Slime

STEP 1. Measure 3 heaped cups of shaving cream into a bowl. You can also experiment with using less or more shaving cream for different textures!

STEP 2. Add 5 to 6 drops of food coloring. We used neon food coloring, but there are so many choices.

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STEP 3. Add a 1/2 cup of glue to the shaving cream and gently mix.

STEP 4. Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda and mix. The baking soda helps to firm and form the slime. 

STEP 5. Add 1 tablespoon of the saline solution to the mixture and start whipping. If your slime is too sticky, add a few more drops of the saline solution.

Don’t add too much extra saline as the consistency gets less sticky with just good ole kneading. Adding to much saline solution can result in an over activated slime with a rubbery texture.

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Once you get the mixture thoroughly whipped and incorporated, you can pull it out with your hands and knead.

TIP: Before removing the slime from the bowl, squirt a few drops of saline solution on your hands.

SUGGESTION: Repeat the fluffy slime recipe with different colors or enjoy the one batch! We made a giant batch of yellow fluffy slime the other day by tripling the recipe!

Fun Variations Of Fluffy Slime

Once you have made our fluffy slime below, you will want to try out one of these fun theme fluffy slime recipes. There is so much fun you can have with can of shaving foam!

Different Types Of Slime To Make

We also have the most popular recipes kids want to be making right now like crunchy slime, butter slime, and cloud slime (to name a few)!

Click on the photos below to see all the kinds of slimy resources available. Get our ultimate slime making pack to download and print!

Grab the Ultimate Slime Recipe Bundle

All the best homemade slime recipes in one place with plenty of fantastic extras!


  1. It well help the mixture be more solid. We have experimented with varying amounts and found that just a little makes the perfect consistency.

  2. Oh thank you for catching that oversight! Please add 1/2 tsp. It isn’t much but it helps! Post is updated.

  3. I think the slime methods are really cool and are really fantastic! Keep doing what your doing!

  4. It helps create a more solid mass so that it isn’t really sticky, but you can make it without it. Just keep in mind the texture differences.

  5. I am 10 years old and I love slime! I was so exited to make some slime so I went out and took all day to buy the ingredients. I thought this recipe would be good but sadly it didn’t work, I am a bit disappointed

  6. I tried to make this but it didn’t work… It was very liquid and wouldn’t form a ‘mass’.
    I’m not sure if it was the type of foam or glue that I was using that may have impacted on it but it just didn’t want to work! 🙁

  7. First make sure you added the baking soda correctly. Also let’s check the ingredients of the saline solution. It should have sodium borate in it or a mix of sodium borate and boric acid. Feel free to email me with questions.

  8. I have a boric acid bottle? Can I use it instead of saline solution? And the glue is it a PVA or what? Any type of glue?

  9. It is a PVA based glue. I am not familiar with a boric acid bottle and can not confirm that will work without having safely tried it myself. Although saline solution does have a percentage of boric acid/sodium borate in it, the ratio to other ingredients in the solution I am not sure with. Proceed with caution as we don’t recommend switching out ingredients.

  10. we made this and it didn’t come out right. The shaving cream just kept being squeezed out as we kneaded and handled it…so our hands were always soaked with the shaving cream and we had a mass that felt like chewed gum covered with foam

  11. Where do you get the saline solution from , and what type of glue sid you use (and can you use any ehote glue)

  12. do you have a recommendation for a fragrance-free shaving cream? I tried the Barbasol, but the smell was so strong, so I switched to a lady shaving cream and it still is pretty strong. Any alternatives to shaving cream?

  13. The reason the slime didn’t last is because you didn’t store it. My friend made fluffy slime and she was able to store it for at least a month. Thanks for listening to my comment!

  14. I am sorry I don’t know of or have heard of any alternatives to using shaving cream to achieve the fluffiness. If you just want to make slime with saline solution and baking soda, we have recipes for that instead!

  15. It may be the brand of ingredients you chose? I would need more information to help you.

  16. We used Target brand saline solution. You need Elmer’s Washable School Glue but at least look for a PVA based glue to try.

  17. I would need to know you have the correct ingredients and that your saline solution contains sodium borate/boric acid. Make sure that you use Elmer’s washable glue too!

  18. My friend and I were very bored and decided to make slime. We went to the local dollar store and bought the indgredents needed. We put all the ingredients together and mixed thourghly. We added more of the solution but it ended up just being a big bowl or dyed shaving cream. This is by far one of the crapiest slime recipes I have ever attempted to do. I do not recommend this because it does not work!

  19. I also wondered why you left it just sitting Yes, as Emily’s comment stated, you need to store in an air-tight container or ziplock bag. It should last a lot more than a day ! Good luck, and thanks for the many cool recipes and science fun facts !

  20. Yes, we usually store our other slimes and they last for quite awhile. This was such a huge bowl full that I didn’t really think about trying to save it.

  21. Hi, sorry you had a rough time, but dollar store glue doesn’t work. Try it next time with Elmer’s glue.

  22. The best piece of advice is to double check the ingredients. I just made a batch and it was super fun. Elmer’s washable glue, saline solution with sodium borate/boric acid, foam shaving cream, and baking soda!

  23. I have all the ingredients except the saline solution, and I don’t want to buy a whole bottle. What can I substitute?

  24. You need something like saline solution, contact solution, or even eye drops to make the slime come together. The ingredients in the solutions are the slime activators like sodium borate and/or boric acid. Alternatively you can try our liquid starch or borax powder recipes. We purchased our solution at a local Target and it was target brand which made it quite affordable!

  25. My kids and I used this recipe, we bought everything identical to the ingredients list. It started out as a very gooey, sticky mess, but my daughter suggested using more saline solution. (She has watched a lot of videos on how to make fluffy slime) after adding about a tablespoon of saline, we had some pretty awesome, non sticking, fluffy slime. Even great grandma played with it! Thanks for the slime recipes!

  26. Yes all the slime needs to start with a clear or white washable PVA glue!

  27. I tried making this and it didn’t work, it’s all shaving cream and glue it won’t clump together. I used all the ingredients it said to use and it still didn’t work out. 🙁

  28. Make sure the ingredients in your saline solution include sodium borate/boric acid as noted! These are crucial slime activator ingredients.

  29. Double check the ingredients in your saline solution. There should be a combination of sodium borate and boric acid noted in the ingredient list. Did you use Elmer’s glue? Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for more assistance.

  30. Hello,
    My daughter has bugged me to make slime. So being a single father I looked into it. Kinda by the seat of our pants I purchased Elmers glue contact solution an shaving cream. Those were our ingredients.
    2- 7.65oz Elmers glue
    1- 4oz contact solution
    1/2 can Barbosal shaving cream (not gel)
    Mixed everything above In a large bowl. First added the glue then half a bottle of the solution an some shaving cream. As things mixed then proceed the add the rest of the solution an shaving cream. After about 20 min of mixing my daughter was able to remove slime from bowl an place on table. Then really began to kneed the slime. At this point it really begins to be fun. She loved it. Able to squeeze it, then quickly touching it the slime would come right off her hands. After an hour or so we stored in plastic container. Next morning had a few bubbles at top. Began to play with slime again no problems. No food coloring added or baking soda. Looks like white marshmallow fluff.

  31. I used barbasol shaving cream, elmer’s glue-all multipurpose glue, cvs brand saline solution for sensitive eyes, bob’s red mill baking soda, and Wilton color performance gel food coloring. I mixed the ingredients in the order you said with the proportions you specified and it came out a blobby mess of shaving cream with some colored hard bits mixed throughout. I tried changing the order and played with the proportions; nothing’s working. Help!

  32. My granddaughters and I just tried this and sad to say it was waste of supplies as it did not work

  33. This is NOT how you make fluffy slime….well first off you don’t add the shaving foam first you add the glue then the shaving foam then the coloring…second you don’t need that much shaving foam you only need as much shaving foam as you added glue because if you add that much it will become hard and not fun so if you dont understand Slime DONT MAKE IT AT ALL you are dumb and you need to learn how Slime works ba use if I followed this recipe it would make a rock!!!

  34. We just want to thank you for sharing! This was the first slime recipe that actually work! It WAS AWESOME!!!!@

  35. We have now tried two of the recipes listed for slime. Neither recipe worked. We carefully followed the recipe and watched the video to make sure we were doing it correctly. So far I have 4 disappointed people.

  36. Double check your saline solution ingredients! Different solutions have different ingredients. The one I listed has both boric acid/sodium borate. I randomly grabbed a substitute at the store the other day and it did not have the listed ingredients. Our liquid starch slime is also a very quick and easy recipe that won’t require you to find an alternative saline solution.

  37. At first I was going to simply delete this email because you are very rude. I have made this slime over and over again, and even sent the video off for a woman to recreate and she has had no problems with it. Please be kinder with your responses or refrain from leaving comments. I have many happy slime makers. I hoe you have a better day tomorrow.

  38. I had to add more contact solution & it worked fine for me. It wasn’t working until I added more contact solution.

  39. I tried making it but mine is sticky… Not sure what to add more of to help it not be one big mess when we play with it. I used Elmer’s glue and check the contact solution has both the things you say it needs in the ingredients list, any help would be appreciated.

  40. If it’s too sticky, add more solution. You need to knead this slime very well and it will lose that stickiness with more kneading. Also you can add a fe drops of solution to your hands while you knead it!

  41. There are several reasons why it may not work. Ingredients is crucial. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. You may find the liquid starch slime to be more suitable since their is not a variety of ingredients among brands.

  42. Eager to try this with my nanny kids before school starts! So fun!

    One question, about how many cans of shaving cream did you use to get the total 3-4 cups?

    We have a Target nearby we can hit up for supplies so I am eager to try this recipe using all the same ingredients. I’ll definitely report back!

    I’ve used plenty of different slime recipes over my 14 year nanny career but I will say that in all cases, following the directions 100% is the key to success with slime, since you’re disrupting already formed polymer chains and then adding to them with your starch/substitute.

  43. Loved this! I never made slime/foam before. I wanted to make something thicker than a “slime”. When i first mixed the ingredients, it was foamy, after playing with it awhile it became the perfect consistancy. Now my son and i are having equal fun with it. Thank you!

  44. My 9 YO daughter and I made this today and it worked great! We forgot the baking soda at first and it was super sticky but got dryer when added. We got dollar store shave cream and used elmers glue and rite aid saline solution. Thanks for the recipe.

  45. We made this today (three times actually- I have three kids and they each wanted their own). Worked perfectly every single time- it is awesome! They like this better than the clear slime, though that worked perfectly as well. 🙂 Just in case anyone needs Walmart ingredient suggestions, here’s what we used:
    Equate brand Regular shave foam (it’s a red, blue and white can)
    Equate Saline Solution for Sensitive Eyes
    Elmers washable, No run school glue

    Thank you for the great slime recipe- we all loved it!!!

  46. =( Wish I read the comments before even trying this… sadly it didn’t work and I have a very disappointed little person who was very excited to make slime!

  47. Didnt work first time but read the whole site properly and this was the first site to tell me to read the ingrediants in the saline solution and it must contain Borax acid in some form.
    Tried again with a different solution and it worked excellent.
    Would say to any doubters to read fully the instructions and ingrediants.

  48. Awesome recipe! We added a bit more saline though to stop the stickiness other than that we loved it! Thank you!

  49. I am sorry to her that but we have many successful comments. You do need to read the instructions carefully and check the ingredients in your chosen saline solution. As a commenter stated above, it did not work the first time until he went back and read through the directions and checked out his solution to note it did not have the right ingredients in it. Let me know if you need more help.

  50. What are the ingredients in your saline solution? Thats usually the culprit. Also you want to use Elmers Washable School Glue not all purpose glue.

  51. It might depend on your saline solution. You can also squat a little on your hands before kneading it. The more you knead the less sticky it should get. Make sure you follow the measurements!

  52. You make slime look like such fun. Thank you for posting the photos, videos, and instructions. Something you might want to be aware of with the fluffy slime video, it looks like you did not add in glue, but the written instructions call for glue. Can you make it without the glue? Also, with the pretty blue glossy slime video (I’ve watched so many of the videos I can’t recall the exact slime name), the instructions in the video state you are using baking powder, but elsewhere, your instructions say baking soda. I would imagine it must be one or the other, not interchangeable, yes?

  53. It is baking soda. That was a darn typo that needs to get fixed! And you are right about the glue. I will need to get in touch with my video editor. You definitely need glue! Thank you!

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  55. How much saline solution did you add? You may need a little bit less next time. Is it too thick or extra fluffy?

  56. The black box for the slime recipes won’t completely load for me, is there any chance you could email me the recipes? I would really appreciate it!
    Thank you!

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  58. It took some time to find a saline solution with the ingredienets you listed, but once I did, everything went smoothly, and I have a quality batch of slime. Thank you.

  59. This is an amazing slime recipe! My kids are very happy and this is so easy. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. Anyone who uses this recipe and it doesn’t work, I would say that your contact solution probably doesn’t have the necessary ingredients. I had to look through quite a few contact solutions to find one with both necessary ingredients.

  60. We used dollar store glue with the regular slime recipe and everything came out fine. Gdaughter said the consistency was great. Will try dollar store glue for fluffy recipe and post results.

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  62. Thank you for putting the recipe and this wonderful website together. My daughters and I had so much fun making this fluffy slime. It is perfect!

  63. I am going to use your fluffy slime recipe with saline solution at my daughter’s birthday party, this weekend. I am going to set up stations for each child to make their own. What size containers should I buy for each child to take home, if I use your recipe exactly? If I choose little plastic containers with lids, what size should I order? And if I use Ziploc bags, will sandwich size be big enough? THANK YOU!

  64. If you are going to have them each make a full serving size of the fluffy slime, I suggest a 24 oz plastic container with lid. Skip the zip lock bag. Have fun and email me directly sarah@littlebinsforlittlehands with any last minute questions.

  65. I love reading comments like this! That you so much for taking the time to leave this here.

  66. Good for you for being the BIGGER person! And for answering everyone’s questions. I’ve noticed people repeating the same question over again, obviously not taking the time to read previous responses. You obviously work with children to have such patience! Unfortunately you’ll get that ONE person who just plain is mean! I’m excited to do this project with my preschoolers today! And like any experiment if it doesn’t come out ‘perfect’ the first time, try again! PEACE be with you!

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  68. Making this with my class of 22 students. How many batches would I need to make for them to each get a piece of slime to play with?

  69. Making this with my class of 22 students. How many batches would I need to make for each student to be able to take a piece home in a small Ziplock baggie?

  70. I would say 5 batches to be on the safe side! I also like to use the condiment containers you can find in the dollar store or grocery store. Make sure you have the right saline solution if you haven’t already made a batch!

  71. Thank you! I know exactly which containers you mean. I use them in my classroom already! (:

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  74. Thank you for the kind words. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner! Have an awesome day!

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  77. Did not work at all. Followed the instructions to the letter. Used the correct ingredients. Very disappointed.

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  88. I’ve made this recipe a couple of times with my niece and nephew and it’s absolutely one of our favorites! There’s something so satisfying about the texture. Thank you for sharing!

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  93. We want to make the non-toxic fluffy slime recipe, but we also want it to glow in dark. Do you recommend a glow in the dark food coloring??? Or can I add “gluminious glow in the dark powder”?, I found one non toxic on amazon. But since it’s not food coloring, it’s a powder, I’m not sure if I can mix it.
    Please let me know. Thanks

  94. Hi, we do use the pigment powder for glow slimes. However, I am not sure how it will look with all the shaving cream.

  95. There was no glue used in the video, do we still need it? I know it’s listed under ingredients but didn’t see it used or mentioned in the video for fluffy slime.

  96. Yes you do need it. The video is just an overview of the process. On the same page you will find a full length video too.

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