Playful preschool math activities are the most fun whether you are teaching your kids to count, recognize letters, compare items and so much more. You can do all of this with simple hands-on math activities that will make everyone smile. Play and learn in different ways to explore early math concepts with young kids. Repetition is one of the key elements to success, and finding unique ways to keep the same material fresh and interesting is important. Check out our simple ways to practice preschool math every day. 


10 Best Preschool Math Activities

Make our simple preschool math activities your own with materials you have on hand! Use our basic ideas but create your own themes based on your kids interests! If 1-20 counting is to hard or to easy, change the activity to fit your kids needs! This way multiple age children can also enjoy the same activity. If your kid doesn’t like cars, freeze something else in a block of ice. The possibilities surrounding these simple preschool math activities are endless. We love to change them up for the seasons or holidays too! Remember,  repetition of these early math concepts is crucial so why not use the seasons and holidays to make them extra special too.

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Preschool Math Activities for Early Learning

Click on the links to below to learn all about these simple math activities you can create at home, school, or in a daycare setting. Please use supervision as necessary.

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Preschool Colors and Numbers Grid Game or try a Fall Math Grid Game

Building and Exploring Geometric Shapes

Weighing Loose Parts and Comparing Items

Measuring Using Cubes

LEGO Math Sensory Bin

Preschool Math Activities Back To School Early Learning Ideas

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Hide and Seek Number Recognition Game or try a Plastic Egg Hide and Seek Number Game

Construction Math Game

Exploring Volume with Liquids and Solids

Mini Counting Search and Find Sensory bins

Homemade Geo Board

Icy Car Rescue and Car Counting

Water Balloon Smash

STEM learning or science, technology, engineering, and math is very popular today. Math is one of the legs of STEM, and you can use these simple preschool math activities to introduce STEM to your kids! Make sure to read our What is STEM? information guide and take a look at an A-Z List of STEM Ideas for Kids.

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