Check out this ocean theme paper craft that doubles as a cool STEAM activity too! Our ocean craft is a terrific way to explore how 3D images can be created. Take your two dimensional ocean activities up a notch with our printable 3D under the sea template.  Create an ocean paper craft project that is perfect for older kids too!



What is 3D art and craft all about? A three dimensional craft explores height, width, and depth in the space that it occupies. There are two important processes for creating a 3D craft. These processes are called additive and subtractive (there’s a bit of math for your STEAM)!

Additive is the process of using your materials to build up the craft, Subtractive is the process of removing pieces of material to create depth. This 3D ocean paper craft uses the additive process to build up the materials and create the three dimensional effect.

More 3D art characteristics include balance, proportion, and rhythm which you will see as you build this ocean craft! Rhythm refers to the repetitive lines or shapes which you can see with the frames. Balance is how the pieces work with one another (not stand up) and proportion is all about how the elements work with one another and look like they belong together.

The frames you will create are also considered forms. They are solid, geometric shapes or organic shapes that take-up space and create volume and mass for the project. More awesome math to add into your ocean STEAM project!

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  • Ocean printable
  • Colored cardstock papers
  • Craft foam sheets
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Craft glue


Step 1: Select 5 different shades of blue colored craft paper or cardstock. Decide how you want to layer the papers. We went from light to dark.

Trace the layer and background on the chosen colored papers. Cut out the middle parts of the top layer using an xacto knife.  

Step 2: Keeping the final background paper intact cut the middle traced parts for the rest of the layers. Arrange the prepared layers accordingly to check the layouts. 

Step 3: Grab the background paper and cut out a 1 cm thin bordered frame (same height and width as the background).  

Step 4: Attach the frame with the background paper, making sure that all 4 sides of the paper and the frame are matched nicely. 

Step 5: Place and glue the 1st layer (with the smallest middle cutout) on the top of the frame attached to the background.

Step 6: One by one, glue the next frame and then the next layer to complete the 3d underwater layer craft. 

Step 7: Select different colored cardstock papers and craft papers. Trace the underwater items (plants, fishes etc.) and cut them out using scissors. Attach googly eyes to the paper fishes, use black marker to trace details on them and other items. 

Step 8: Glue the underwater paper plants between the water layers. 

Step 9: Attach the paper fishes to the layers and you have a fun ocean theme paper craft! 



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