Have you frantically typed “how to remove slime from clothes” into search lately? If not, there’s a good chance you will if your kids love to make slime! It’s inevitable. Slime meets clothes. Goop gets stuck to clothes. The fabric is ruined! Or is it? Check out our best ways to remove slime from clothes using two different methods.


How to Get Slime Out of Clothes and Hair! Cover


The kids have had a blast making slime I bet!  They made awesome stretchy slime that got all over everything including their favorite t-shirt.  Does slime come out of clothes? You betcha it does!

We put our own shirts to the test to show you how easy it is to remove slime from clothes, hair, carpet and anything else it gets onto.

We have a few simple tips and tricks and two methods for removing slime from clothes…

  • Try to catch the spill as soon as possible. Dried on slime is much more challenging and time-consuming to remove. Slime will stay fairly pliable most of the day, so even if you don’t catch it right away, you still have some time.
  • Remove as much of the excess slime from the clothing as possible with your fingers. White glue slime is going to be more difficult to completely pick off then clear glue slime will be for you.
  • Use this process with hair too!
  • Use to remove slime from carpets, furniture, and bedding too!

SLIME TIP: Do not try to machine-wash clothes with slime stuck to them first! Instead remove the slime with one of the two methods below.


One of our best ways to remove slime from clothes is with plain old white vinegar. You can use vinegar to dissolve slime, and it’s been proven effective in both clothing and hair as well!

NOTE: If you have anything priceless, expensive, or big like a whole couch that you are trying to remove slime from, I recommend testing it on a small piece of it. This is just in case it changes the color or ruins the fabric. I think this is a pretty common recommendation for most stain removal processes.

how to get slime out of clothes


Grab the bottle of vinegar and get ready to put those arm muscles to use! There isn’t a magic formula to this other than pour and scrub. You can see that we have a pretty black shirt here and the color wasn’t damaged.

We always keep plenty of baking soda and vinegar on hand for our baking soda science experiments! Vinegar is a classic kitchen or pantry staple, but if you don’t have any readily available, see our second way to remove slime from clothes without vinegar further on.

how to get slime out of clothes

You can go ahead and pour vinegar onto your goopy slime spot! I highly recommend doing this over a sink, outside, or even in a container, so you don’t add more mess to the situation!

how to get slime out of clothes

Next, grab a clean scrub brush and get to work. The vinegar will help to dissolve the slime as you scrub. Depending on the level of slime mess, you may have to repeat this a few times until all the slime is removed.

how to get slime out of clothes with vinegar

Once you have removed the slime from your clothes, you can give the clothing a good rinse and toss it in the washing machine. Wash as normal, and you will be good to go!

wash clothes after removing the slime

Slime removed! It’s not a two-minute process, but you can save a favorite piece of clothing from slime-fest aftermath.



As I mentioned above, we have two ways to remove slime from clothes! You just learned how to get slime out of clothes with vinegar, now check out the process using dish soap. This slime removal process is best done in a sink where you have access to running water!

Again, you want to remove as much of the stuck on slime possible from the fabric. You can see we also have plenty of glitter going on here. It’s like a Christmas colored disaster below, but don’t worry! The shirt came out as good as new.

Grab the bottle of dish soap. Note, we haven’t tested out additional varieties of dish soap as we love Dawn for making our homemade bubble solution too.

how to get slime out of clothes with dawn dish soap

Squirt a generous amount of dish soap onto the slimy area and using both a steady stream of water and your hands, scrub the cloth together.

You will see the slime cleans up pretty nicely, and you can wash the shirt as usual in the washing machine afterward. Remember not to put clothing with slime stuck on it directly into the washing machine. You don’t want chunks of slime all over your other clothes or inside of washer!

Plenty of suds and water to remove that stuck on slime from your shirt!

I hope you had some success removing slime from your clothes, or even better you never have to use any of these ideas to remove slime from clothing. However, messy play usually results in some sort of mess.

Why not be prepared with special slime shirts just for slime making time! Tweens and teens will have much more control over their slime making abilities, but be prepared that younger kids will inevitably get slime on their clothing from time to time. I’ve gotten some on mine too!


We have some many fun and unique slime recipes for you to try! Click on the image below or on the link for cool slime recipes.


  1. The dish soap one worked amazing! I was helping my little bro out of some sticky situations and slime got on my favorite shirt. You just saved it!

  2. used a no name brand vinegar on wet shirt, after removing much slime by hand, then poured white vinegar on slime and used a soft bristle brush and was able to wipe off all slime and then rinsed in cold water

  3. Thank you! I googled how to get slime out of clothes. At first i could only find vinegar which i didnt have. The dawn worked and i saved my granddaughters favorite shirt.

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