Easy and fun butterfly activities for preschool! Explore Spring with a butterfly sensory bin all with a butterfly theme. We included lots of opportunities for practicing fine motor skills too! Tactile sensory play is a wonderful addition to early childhood development for toddlers to preschoolers.

Butterfly Sensory Play For Young Kids

Simple Butterfly Play Activities

Simple, engaging butterfly sensory play! My son made up this tray for our butterfly play and really took great care with it! The colors are beautiful and so visually stimulating.

I supplied him with the tools and he came up with the idea. An open ended invitation to play with hands-on materials can result in some beautiful things.

There are so many benefits to sensory bins. For us, the most important part is getting into it and really feeling the materials offered. The sense of touch is powerful, alerting or calming!

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We have enjoyed our nature sensory bin and frog pond sensory bin, so I did a special twist with butterfly sensory play! He really seemed to like it! He spent a greater than usual time using pretend play with this simple butterfly activity.

Often we have one big sensory bin but this time I thought I would see what would happen if I offered two separate but similar butterfly sensory bins. Would he mix them right away? Would he keep them separate?

All you need are a couple bags of beans, another one of our favorite sensory bin fillers and some butterflies and bugs too.


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Butterfly Sensory Bin



Butterfly Bin Set Up:

First add your sensory bin fillers to a large container or bin. Add an assortment of butterflies and place your play tools on the side.

butterflies sensory bin fillers

He definitely examined the two butterfly sensory bins! I had mixed large green and blue colored beads into the green basket sensory bin. I placed a green and blue container and a mini ladle next to it with the hopes he would search and sort the large beads to work on fine motor skills.

butterflies sensory bin fine motor activities

The other butterfly sensory bin had a pair of plastic tongs and a fun mini ice cube tray. He is still on the young side so I was hoping he would just work on picking up the large beans and filling the ice cube tray. He did a great job and also experimented with the tongs and beans too!

I thought it would be fun to put the butterfly puzzle pieces into the sensory bin and have him use the tongs to put the pieces back.

Once we had done a few little activities, he wanted to mix the butterfly sensory bins, and we played with the butterflies and our little containers . He had a lot of fun with these butterfly activities.




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