Flubber Bubbles Blowing Reusable Bubbles Homemade Flubber Recipe

Try this awesome reusable bubble blowing activity.

Make quick and easy reusable bubbles from our homemade flubber!

I saw this awesome idea over on Two-daloo for reusable bubbles! I thought our homemade flubber we had just made would work awesome for reusable bubbles. We love our traditional slime recipe but it’s not quite thick or stretchy enough for making reusable bubbles. However, our newest homemade flubber recipe is perfect!

how to make flubber liquid starch sensory play glitter flubber


Check out that awesome sensory play with our homemade flubber recipe. It’s squishy and super stretchy!

Get your flubber recipe here for making reusable bubbles

Once you have your flubber made, grab a straw! You should be able to rip off small chunks of flubber without it going immediately to a liquid state. Make sure you check out the science behind this cool stuff when you get the recipe! It makes a great science lesson too.


Flubber homemade recipe reusable bubble set up straw

To blow reusable bubbles, wrap a chunk of flubber around the end of the straw and pinch it tightly. You are almost making a bit of a sack out of the flubber first to fit the straw into. Start blowing up your reusable bubble. It’s cool but not all that easy. My son enjoyed watching. Older children should be able to do it with less trouble. Every now and then a hole might open but pinch it back together and try it again.

Flubber How to blow reusable bubbles


Sometimes I made a huge reusable bubble!

How is it a reusable bubble? Simple smooth it all back together and start again!

Flubber Homemade Reusable Bubble Slime


Next, hand the reusable bubble off to your child. He or she will be amazed.

Playing with flubber reusable bubbles

And when you pop the reusable bubble, you are left with a fun sensory play material!

Popping reusable bubbles made from flubber slime


Reusable bubbles make for an entertaining indoor activity!

Our homemade flubber recipe is equally as entertaining!

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