Elsa Frozen Castle Melting Ice Experiment Water Sensory Play

Make Elsa’s Frozen Castle for Icy Science!

Easy to make frozen castle for play and hands-on learning.

We love Frozen {the movie} and we love Frozen icy science experiments too! My son was so excited to hear that part 2 of Frozen will be in theaters at some point!  Elsa’s frozen castle is the perfect simple science experiment for young kids! Ice melting activities are such fun and filled with both sensory play and learning opportunities. Make sure to see our Fizzy Castles Frozen Glitter Jars and our Frozen Slime! Great hands-on learning with a favorite theme, Frozen!

Simple Frozen Castle Set Up

  • Sandbox castle bucket or in a pinch a rubbermaid food container will work too!
  • Food coloring 
  • Water
  • Gems, jewels, sequins, glitter, snowflakes, and anything else that reminds you of Elsa!

I froze the water in three layers. Each layer I made different color. The first layer was purple. The second layer a blue/green mix and the third layer was blue. In each layer I put the different treasures. You will see I have a huge jewel I found at the dollar store. Let each layer freeze completely. You may want to start your frozen castle the night before. You could also make mini frozen castles with small buckets! To remove the frozen castle, run the sides under warm water. It should release easily.


Elsa Frozen Castle Frozen In Sand Castle Bucket

Now it’s time to melt Elsa’s frozen castle and find the treasures inside. We use eye droppers, squeeze bottle and basters. Also add a bowl of warm water. Feel free to get in on the action. I find it quite fun to play too!

Ice melt science experiments are great for fine motor skills too!

Elsa Frozen Castle Ice Melt Eyedropper Activity

Using the squeeze bottle to free a gem. Frozen castles are very COOL

Use the opportunity to talk about what your child is seeing and doing! Talk about temperature and change.

Elsas Frozen Castle Ice Melt Experiment Squeeze Bottle

You can see the huge gem that took quite a bit of work to free. I also added plastic stars.

Finding the treasures in the Frozen Castle turns simple science into play!

Elsa Frozen Castle Melting Ice Experiment Finding jewels Melting Elsas Frozen Castle Sensory Water Science

What’s left of Elsa’s frozen castle is a beautiful water sensory play opportunity! Add some scoops!

Elsa Frozen Castle Water Sensory Play

If you have a Frozen fan, this is a must try science experiment everyone will enjoy!

Elsa’s Frozen Castle Science and Sensory Play 


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