Welcome Spring with a cute and easy little LEGO duck building challenge! Make your own pons of LEGO ducks with a simple Spring themed building activity for multiple age and ability levels. Create a whole pond scene too! We have tons of fun LEGO building ideas that are easy to do!

Make a LEGO Duck for Spring LEGO Building

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Try a quick LEGO building idea this week!

We have been really sitting down and enjoying LEGO as a family! It’s fun to create some simple building ideas for seasons and holidays. The other night we set out to build some LEGO ducks after checking some out at Legoland in Boston. These LEGO ducks are pretty simple and we added a few of our own extras to make them unique.

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My son enjoyed making the ducklings and made a whole family of LEGO ducks. He really enjoyed it when I remembered the 5 Little Ducks rhyme we used to sing together.

5 little LEGO ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away. Mother duck yelled quack quack but only 4 little ducklings came back. This continues all the way down to one duckling and then mother duck is sad and goes out looking. She comes back with all 5!

Here are some simple steps to build your own Lego ducks! Make the LEGO ducks any color you want if you don’t have these colors. We didn’t have enough yellow and orange to make five, so we improvised with other duck-like colors. Though I am sure a rainbow LEGO duck would be cute too!


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Make a mom or dad LEGO duck too to complete your 5 little duckling rhyme!

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Put them all on a blue baseplate and make your own LEGO pond!

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