Hot chocolate cloud dough for sensory play is super easy and quick to make! Check your kitchen pantry and you should have what you need! A homemade cloud dough recipe is one of our go-to sensory play activities. It uses only a few simple ingredients I usually have on hand for baking. Give your cloud dough a special winter theme with hot chocolate this season.


Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play


This hot cocoa cloud dough is a great twist for the cooler winter weather! I like to keep a stocked pantry for quick sensory play recipes. Want more sensory play recipes? Here are some of my favorite winter sensory activities on a wintery day!

Cloud dough or moon sand as it is often called, has an amazing texture. It is crumbly and moldable at the same time and it is super easy to make yourself. Playing with cloud dough can be a bit messy but it cleans up easily and feels amazing on the hands. Cloud dough has to be one of our favorite sensory recipes.

Chocolate Cloud Dough Recipe

There are two ways you can make cloud dough. This cloud dough recipe below uses cooking oil instead of baby oil as we wanted a taste safe dough.


  • 5 cups of flour (you can use all different kinds including gluten-free and buckwheat!)
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup of cocoa powder
  • mini marshmallows
  • play tools like cups and spoons work great


Add all ingredients to your sensory bin and mix it by hand. You should be able to grab a chunk and mold it and have it hold. If not, you may need more oil. Too oily, add more flour.

Set out your cloud dough with your tools and play. My son was super excited to see the marshmallows come out, so we had a little treat while we played too.

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough With Marshmallows

I had some left over cocoa from last year that was perfect to use for this cloud dough winter sensory bin.

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play With Making Pretend Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate is one of our favorite Winter time treats and this was fun to smell!

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Scented Sensory Play

He was the shop keeper and made us all hot cocoa cloud dough drink for free all day long!

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough 3 Ingredient Sensory Play

Chocolate Cloud dough is a sensory filler I love to play with too!

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  1. How long does this stay good? I was considering using it in my classroom but can’t make it each night.

  2. As long as it doesn’t get wet too, it stays for quite awhile. We can have it for over a week!

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