When the weather outside gets cold, our these winter sensory table ideas are sure to delight! We love to experiment with hands-on sensory play ideas with simple materials.  Create your own winter sensory bin or winter sensory table this season for fun things to do indoors for kids!


kids winter activities for science and sensory play


These winter sensory activities and ideas are simple to set up and use only a few materials. Little on supplies but big on fun and learning possibilities! Young children are still learning about how the world works! Make sure to also check out our collection of awesome sensory bins.

 1. Arctic Slime

Use our simple and easy to follow slime recipe to make your own perfect icy arctic winter sensory play!

Arctic Slime Winter Sensory Play Homemade slime recipe

 2. Melting Castles

Inspired by the move Frozen, just a couple kitchen cabinet cupboard ingredients make a great winter sensory activity with lots of action!

Frozen Inspired Melting Castles Baking Soda Science Activity Sensory Play

 3. Arctic Icy Rescue

Grab a container for this winter sensory table idea! Freeze overnight and get ready to play and learn.

Arctic Ice Sensory Play Winter Ice Melt Milk Container

4. Cloud Dough Recipe

Another great kitchen cupboard sensory play idea for quick and easy winter theme sensory play.

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play

5. Snowflake Slime

Our favorite homemade liquid starch slime recipe with sparkling snowflakes.


6. Snowman Slime

Another favorite winter slime to play with but this time with a melting snowman theme. My son loves this one!

Melting Snow Slime Winter Sensory Play

7. Melting Snowmen

Fizzing snowmen are the best! Classic baking soda science meets snowmen.

Snowman baking soda science activity melting snowman winter science

8. Fake Snow

Make your own fake snow with just 2 simple ingredients for this easy to set up winter sensory table idea.

Make fake snow and use cookie cutters for play ideas

9. Snowflake Oobleck

Another classic winter sensory play idea!

Snowflake Oobleck Science Activity Non Newtonian Fluids Winter Experiment

10. Winter Ice Melt

Incorporate nature into a simple ice melting activity that kids love.

Winter Nature Ice Melt Science Sensory Experiment Water Sensory Play


Click below for more great ideas to try out this winter!