We find our science activities, experiments, and slime recipes fun to use. We always have adult supervision and take proper safety precautions when performing science experiments, activities, and when making slime.

All science experiments, science activities, STEM activities, and slime recipes have the potential for safety issues. All experiments and activities presented on this website should be used or tried with caution and good common sense judgement.

Little Bins for Little Hands shall not be help responsible for any damages as a result of any activities contained within this website.

It is recommended that all science experiments, activities, and slime recipes be used only under adult supervision. Adults should handle or assist with any potentially harmful chemicals.

Furthermore it is advised to consider the age appropriateness of each individual activity. Each child and situation is different, and Little Bins For Little Hands shall not be held liable in the event of an accident or injury.

Always wash hands thoroughly after any trying any experiment.

Keep hands away from eyes when performing any experiments. Wear safety goggle!

Wash all surfaces and disinfect work areas when the science experiment is finished.



Making slime is a chemistry experiment and a fun one too. However, like any cool science experiments, they should be done with adult supervision. Adults should measure and handle all chemicals used when making slime.

Also, slime activities should be properly cleaned up afterwards. Disinfect surfaces, mixing tools, and containers when you are finished with your slime experiment.

Wash hands thoroughly after playing with slime.

Do not switch out ingredients if not listed. Many slimes contain borax or a form of borax, even liquid starch which contains sodium borate. This is what is used to form the slime. You can’t just add anything that has borax in it!


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