Turn your recycling or trash bin into a place to find new projects! Our styrofoam shape geoboard is perfect for using up unwanted materials for  STEAM activities. Making geoboards has become a fun activity here. We have made our own wooden geoboard that can be reused over and over again. We have made a geoboard out of a pumpkin and a styrofoam Christmas tree. This time we made a geoboard with some left over styrofoam scraps from packaging. This one has a twist! It is a simple shape geoboard, and it makes an awesome STEAM activity for little engineers!

Styrofoam Shape Geoboard STEAM Activity for Kids

Styrofoam shape geoboard STEAM activity for kids

I love taking supplies from around the house and turning them into cool STEAM projects with my son. This makes doing STEAM at home pretty affordable but at the same time totally fun and educational. This styrofoam shape geoboard is no exception. A while back I would have discarded loose pieces of styrofoam claiming junk and clutter. These days I embrace thieve discarded pieces and have made them home in a large rubbermaid plastic tote. Our classic, and inexpensive DIY wooden geoboard is fun, but sometimes it’s fun to create something new too.

Star shaped geoboard made on a piece of styrofoam and loom bands for STEAM activity

Styrofoam Shape Geoboard Supplies: 

Chunks of thick styrofoam

Cookie Cutter {any shape}

Small thin nails either white or gray is fine {often called finishing nails}

Loom bands in all colors {We were never a part of the loom band craze, but at .99 a bag, I grabbed a few colors for projects like these. Totally reusable!

To make your styrofoam shape geoboard, place a cookie cutter of choice on top of the styrofoam. I had intended to do all shapes but the star looked so pretty when we did it over and over again. When you have your cookie cutter in the right place, push a nail in at the points of the star. We put one at the top of each point and one at the dip of each point. We also put one in the middle of the star. Loom bands only have so much stretch, so depending on the size of the cookie cutter you might need to add extra nails in the middle. You can also draw the shape onto the styrofoam first, but then you will have lines.

Styrofoam Shape Geoboard Cookie Cutter and nails.

Once your nails are set up, have some geometric shape fun! First you have the outside shape of the geoboard, but then you can create so many shapes within the shape too! Make patterns, Explore symmetry. How many shapes within the shape can you create? Use different colors!

Adding loom bands to the star on our styrofoam shape geoboard math and art activity

Awesome fine motor skills for little fingers!

Great fine motor skills with a styrofoam shape geoboard activity

Our styrofoam shape geoboard is a wonderful early elementary math tool that can also combine art. In the end the shapes create a beautiful piece of art. We still haven’t taken our apart because it’s so colorful. Good thing I save lots of styrofoam because I would like to try out all our shape cookie cutters! Squares, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds, any polygons, and even circles will all make fun geoboards to explore math and art. This styrofoam shape geoboard is awesome STEAM for young kids.


It’s so easy to find STEAM projects around the house. You can also try this in the classroom!


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