Are you ready for it? Tomorrow is the big day! The force awakens and we will be there to see it too. In 3D no less. Young movie fans will love this Star Wars play dough kit to imagine and build a Death Star. I am taking full advantage of my son’s love for Star Wars with a few fun activities in preparation for the big day. Check out all of these awesome STAR WARS science and STEM activities too!

Star Wars Play Dough:  Build a Death Star Challenge

 Star Wars Play Dough Kit for Kids Build A Death Star
Star Wars Play Dough Death Star Design Kit

I had started out with a completely different Star Wars play dough idea last week using our new squishy circuits kit. However, I told my son about it before I checked on all the ingredients for the right play doughs to go along with the kit. Yep, change of plans and quickly too. He was getting pretty sad when I said we couldn’t do the original Death Star idea. Quick think of something. Usually my son is not one for straight play dough play, but I told him I could at least make some sort of black Star Wars play dough and he could build his own Death Star. Winner, winner!

Star Wars Play Dough Death Star Building Activity

Now to find a playdough recipe I did have the ingredients to make. I don’t stock cream of tartar. To be very honest, I don’t want to spend the money on it. I found this awesome and easy recipe for a no-cook, no tartar playdough recipe on Instructables.

Watch the video and make your own Star Wars play dough.  I actually had a black watercolor tube, but you could use black food coloring. Or do your best to mix equal amounts of red, green, and blue food coloring for a dark grey.


I made some variations in the grey and black colors of our Star Wars play dough {mostly because I didn’t really know how it was going to come out.} You need quite a good squeeze or two of the black watercolor gel to get a rich black. Please be advised that it did not stain our hands and they were easily washed. However, some color does come off the dark the dough. Be prepared with the right clothes and protected surfaces. You could also buy some black play dough too.

Death Star Star Wars Play Dough Kit or Tray

This Star Wars play dough activity turned into a super fun activity that we both enjoyed. Daddy can’t wait to get home and make one too after I sent him a few pictures. I quickly gathered some supplies like LEGO bricks, pipe cleaners or straws {for lasers}, washers and nuts, and a round hard surface {optional}. I had this interesting plastic fillable snow globe thing I thought we could mold the dough around. You could also use a bowl flipped over or just make the play dough into a ball. Encourage your kids to do whatever they like with their Star Wars play dough. I also had to add a LEGO Darth Vader and Storm Troopers.


We checked out the Death Star on the iPad and loved the green lasers. We have also done a cool Death Star baking soda science activity since we this play dough one!


He found he could use the LEGO bricks to make patterns in the play dough or decorate the outside with washers. He got the lasers ready first thing and built an extra fighter with the LEGO pieces.


The sky is the limit when building your own Death Star with cool Star Wars play dough. I made one over a bowl to give a different idea. Here’s my half a Death Star. I guess I can’t wait for the movie too!

Star Wars Death Star Play Dough Activity

Clean up was easy and I am storing our Star Wars play dough in resealable bags to keep it moist. What will me make next? I heard something about a Millennium Falcon, so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for that one. My husband will have to get in on that fun with our new Star Wars play dough kit.

Star Wars Play Dough Darth Vader Death Star Activity

Build a Star Wars Death Star Challenge for Kids

Star Wars Play Dough Kit for Young Star Wars Fans

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