Surprise eggs! Everyone’s favorite science experiment with fun Surprise eggs eruptions. What’s inside the eggs? That’s up to you? Easy and classic science the kids will love and perfect just in time for Easter. We love adding a holiday twist to classic science experiments like our Easter egg slime or our Easter egg oobleck! Holiday science activities make the season fun!

Fun Surprise Eggs Eruptions for Kids

Surprise Eggs Eruptions Easter Science and STEM

Awesome, simple, surprise eggs eruptions is a fun baking soda science activity that you can easily set up at home or even for a classroom. It takes a few extra minutes to mold the erupting dough, but there are all different size plastic eggs available. You can easily make smaller surprise eggs for a group of kids!

Surprise Eggs Eruptions Easter Science Activity


Baking soda and vinegar science is straight out of the kitchen and thats one of the reasons it makes it the perfect science experiment for young kids. Not to mention it’s a very cool chemical reaction. Even adults love it. If you have never built a classic volcano, you must give it a try!

surprise eggs Easter science


Baking Soda


Food Coloring


Bowl and Spoon

Plastic Eggs

Mini Surprise Items {This is the fun part! These can include LEGO, plastic animals or other figurines, and really anything that will fit and can hold up to being wet}. LEGO Minifigures and TOOB animals are a great choice and practical too!

Fun and easy surprise eggs for kids science and Easter activity


Empty a box of baking soda into a bowl. This should yield 6-8 large eggs when completed.

Add water a small amount at time until you get a moldable but not runny dough that holds it shape when pressed together. If liquid oozes out when you pack the dough, add more baking soda.

Squish some of the dough into the bottom of the egg and place your item on top. {Disconnect the top and bottom pieces of the egg from each other}

Pack in more dough around the item.

Fill the other half of the egg with more of the baking soda dough and put the two halves together firmly.

Gently lift off top and see how your egg looks. Pack in more dough if necessary.

Put the top back on and pop into the freezer for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help them firm up and keep shape.

Making simple surprise eggs science Easter activity for kids

While the eggs are freezing, prepare cups with different colored vinegar. Have extra vinegar handy!

Carefully remove the eggs from their molds.

Drop into colored vinegar containers.

Be prepared to ooh and aah and say “wow!


How do these surprise eggs really erupt? Is it magic or is it science? Baking soda and vinegar science is a great introduction to chemical reactions for young kids. When the baking soda {a base} and the vinegar {an acid} mix, they release a gas {carbon dioxide}. 
Fizzing surprise eggs eruptions Easter STEM activity

This gas is what is also released when you open a carbonated beverage bottle. Ever shake a soda and then open it up. It’s quite an eruption. Our surprise eggs will fizz, bubble, foam, and erupt too.


hatching surprise eggs for Easter science

Our erupting eggs are science you can see, hear, feel, smell, and touch! You can feel the fizz of the gas. You can smell the vinegar. You can here the bubbling,erupting, fizzing sounds. Of course, you can definitely touch this kind of science.

Erupting Surprise Eggs Makes Cool Sensory Play Too.

Playing with erupting surprise eggs for sensory play

What did we have in our erupting surprise eggs? LEGO minifigures! I will often buy an inexpensive lot on eBay and keep them as a small surprise for occasions like these.

Erupting Surprise Eggs with LEGO minifigure

Make a dozen small surprise eggs or a few large ones! Either way will be tons of fun and filled with learning and play opportunities for your kids!

Surprise Eggs Eruptions Easter Science Activity


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