Have you ever wanted to make those cool glitter calm down bottles? We love them! Plus our version is quick and easy as well as frugal! They work wonderfully. Play with these glitter bottles are terrific for sensory processing needs, anxiety relief, and well just something fun to shake and look at! There are so many sensory play ideas out there that really are easy to do with your kids!

Silver and Gold Glitter Calm Down Bottles

Silver and Gold Glitter Calm Down BottlesPin

Three ingredients and some of these cool VOSS bottles from the store and you are ready to make some awesome glitter calm down bottles. What I love about these bottles is the price! You can make as many colors as you can find. I picked up all our ingredients at the local dollar store. The VOSS bottles are a bit pricier, but we reuse them all the time. You could also use any sort of clear plastic water bottle you have in the recycling bin.

We also made these glitter jars!


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Glitter Glue

Glitter Glue



Below you can see the packages of glue and glitter we use. {We did not use the Elmer’s Glue}

Valentines Day Slime SuppliesPin


Personal preference, but I like to drink the expensive water first and refill the bottle with tap water. The label comes off easily and you can use rubbing alcohol to get off any sticky residue. The bottle should not be full about 3/4 is fine. I like to use warm water to dissolve the glue faster. Empty one whole bottle of the glue into the bottle of water. Add a small vial of same colored glitter. You can see the process here with our Valentine’s Day bottle. {I threw away the bottles before snapping a photo}. Cap tightly and shake.


Our silver and gold glitter calm down bottles are super sparkly and work so well as calm down tool or relaxation tool. Take a minute to shake and watch the glitter settle slowly. Once settled you would never know the surprise that awaits when you re-shake.

Homemade Silver and Gold Glitter Sensory BottlesPin

Hold them. Shake them. Watch them. Smile.


Calm down glitter bottles are a treat but they don’t have to be expensive. Make a whole rainbow!


Make them for holidays. make them for every day. Just give it a try and make one!

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