Take science outside with an easy SANDBOX VOLCANO! When the weather is nice, try simple summer science experiments outdoors for a real hit with the kids. From pulleys to homemade ice cream, to bursting bags, this baking soda vinegar volcano is one of the coolest and easiest science activities for kids this season.


Simple sandbox volcano for a kids chemistry activity and demonstration. Baking soda science with a volcano in the sand box. Great outdoor STEM and science for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary age kids. All the best science experiments and activities for kids here!


We do love all things that erupt and have been exploring different ways to create eruptions while having fun through play. Science that fizzes, pops, erupts, bangs, and explodes is pretty awesome for kids of all ages!

Here are a few of our favorite volcano eruptions…

When the weather is nice, it’s an awesome idea to your science activities outdoors! Building a sandbox volcano is definitely an outdoor science activity with a quick clean up.

What we really love about these science activities, is the extra play factor that is organically included. You can see what I mean at the end of this post.

What is the scientific method?

The scientific method is a process or method of research. A problem is identified, information about the problem is gathered, a hypothesis or question is formulated from the information, and the hypothesis is put to test with an experiment to prove or disprove its validity.  Sounds heavy…

What in the world does that mean?!? The scientific method should simply be used as a guide to help lead the process. It’s not set in stone.

You don’t need to try and solve the world’s biggest science questions! The scientific method is all about studying and learning things right around you.

As kids develop practices that involve creating, gathering data evaluating, analyzing, and communicating, they can apply these critical thinking skills to any situation. To learn more about the scientific method and how to use it, click here.

Even though the scientific method feels like it is just for big kids…

This method can be used with kids of all ages! Have a casual conversation with younger kiddos or do a more formal notebook entry with older kiddos!

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Also, take a look at our salt dough volcano project as an alternative!


  • sandbox with sand {make sure to try our sand slime too.}
  • water
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • 16oz water bottle
  • food coloring (optional)

You can also try adding dish soap for an even foamier fizzing eruption. Just a few drops are all that is needed.


STEP 1. Fill the water bottle about a third full (mix in optional food coloring) and add about 5 teaspoons of baking soda to it. Put the water bottle cap back on until you are ready.

STEP 2. Build a sand mountain or sand volcano around the bottle.

sandbox volcano set up with water bottle and mountain making

STEP 3. Uncap the bottle and pour a good amount, probably a cup of vinegar into the bottle.

Quick, get out of the way and watch the huge eruption!

sandbox volcano major eruption with baking soda and vinegar


Volume! It is as simple as a good amount of vinegar into a small amount of water filled with baking soda! We even repeated it several times to test our theory. 

When the baking soda and the vinegar mix they form a gas called carbon dioxide which then produces the fizzing eruption. The shape of the container helps to shoot the eruption up higher because the gas is easily forced out and up due to the narrow opening. Learn more about states of matter.

This chemical reaction occurs because of an acid {the vinegar} mixing with a base {baking soda}. When the two combine the reaction takes place and the gas is created. If you added dish soap, you will notice a more foamy eruption like in our watermelon volcano.

Make a sandbox volcano for a quick chemistry activity. Explore baking soda and vinegar science with a volcano in the sand box!

We have been working on simple science concepts. Repeating similar types of experiments builds knowledge and reinforces learning skills. Young children need simple concepts repeated for greater understanding.

Check out our science activities for preschoolers!

Try a few ways and you will be amazed at how much they remember. This will build confidence for new learning experiences and curiosity to try new experiments!

The heavy machines were standing by ready for work!

sandbox volcano sensory play



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  1. We did not have a problem with it. If you are concerned you can scoop out the used sand or you could put a bin inside the sand box and have kids build the volcano inside it.

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