This is the perfect list for any board game fan! Board game accessories are the ideal gift for any board game aficionado, yourself or your family, and are sure to enhance the experience. Using board game accessories enhances the gaming experience by adding functionality, organization, and thematic immersion layers to each game time.


Why Use Board Game Accessories?

Whether it’s the convenience of cardholders and component trays, the aesthetic appeal of game mats and upgraded components, or the tactile satisfaction of using dice trays and towers, these accessories contribute to a more immersive and visually engaging experience.

Overall, board game accessories enrich the social and recreational aspects of game nights, creating memorable and enjoyable moments for players of all ages.

Organization and Efficiency: Accessories like bit bowls, card holders, and component trays help keep game pieces organized, reducing setup time and making it easier to find what you need during gameplay.

Aesthetic Appeal: Game mats, upgraded components, and custom playmats can enhance the visual appeal of the game, creating a more immersive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Comfort and Ergonomics: Cardholders and other ergonomic accessories can reduce hand fatigue, making it more comfortable for players to participate in longer gaming sessions. Younger kids will benefit from being able to see their cards more easily!

Thematic Immersion: Meeples, metal coins, and other thematic accessories can enhance the overall theme of the game, making the experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Dice Rolling Experience: Dice trays and towers prevent dice from rolling off the table and add a tactile and satisfying element to the rolling process.

Protection and Durability: Card sleeves and other protective accessories help extend the lifespan of game components by preventing wear and tear, spills, and further damage.

Best Board Game Accessories

Enhancing your board game experience with accessories can add a new dimension to the gameplay. Here’s a list of popular board game accessories that can complement various board games:

Bit Bowls/Token Bowls: Keep game pieces organized and easily accessible.

Card Holders: Help prevent hand fatigue and keep cards visible to all players.

Game Mat: Provides a smooth surface for cards and pieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Dice Tray: This keeps dice from rolling off the table and adds a satisfying element to rolling. There are so many variations to choose from, like this thematic dice tray or a beautiful wood dice tray.

Meeples: Wooden figures that can replace generic game pieces, adding a thematic touch. Note: Meeples are terrific for younger kids to enjoy and double as great math manipulatives!

Dice Towers: Adds fun to dice rolling and prevents dice from scattering. Again, there are so many options from which to choose. From this foldable tower to a sleek wooden tower and even a cool castle-themed tower.

Metal Coins: Replace cardboard currency with more substantial and thematic metal coins.

Game Inserts/Organizers: Custom inserts for game boxes to keep components neat and make setup faster. NOTE: These are generally game-specific. We like Broken Token for game inserts.

Card Sleeves: Protect cards from wear and tear and ensure uniformity in appearance. NOTE: These are generally game-specific due to various card sizes.

Game-specific Upgrades: Some games have specific accessories designed to enhance their mechanics, such as additional miniatures or expansion packs. Note: Before purchasing accessories, ensure they are compatible with your favorite board games.

Best Board Game Lists

If you want to add new board games to the shelves, look through our list of the top board games!

Note: So many games can be played with various ages depending on needs and abilities so don’t limit yourself to specific age ranges!

Printable Board Game Pack

20+ printable board games for kids! Perfect for Pre-K, K, 1st, or whatever age and ability work for your needs. 

Includes seasons, holidays, animals, space, reptiles, and more fun themes! Whenever a new game is made, it will be added, and a new link will be emailed to you.

Each game has instructions, a DIY die or spinner, and needed tokens. You will want to add a few game pieces/household items from your stash. Laminate for long-lasting use or place in a page protector.