Are you looking for a fun way to keep kids busy in the classroom or at home? Then, you’ll love these Printable Board Games for Kids! These printables are perfect for family game nights, a summertime activity, or pairing with lesson plans! Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you’ll love these Board Game Templates!


Printable Board Games: What’s Inside?

There are 20+ games in this collection of printable games! Some of the printables are dice games where you have to roll a dice to move, and some involve rolling a cube to move a number of spaces to get to the finish line! Each fun game covers different topics, from holidays to science. 

Here are some games you’ll find in this pack:

  • Collecting Acorns – Kids roll a dice and move forward to the allotted number of spaces. Each space tells them how many acorns to collect. This game is perfect for teaching kids how to count! The person with the most acorns wins!
  • Help the Elephant Game – This game involves rolling a dice and using random objects of the kids’ choosing as moveable pieces. Each time they roll the dice, they use the objects to move forward to the correct number of spaces. Each space moves the elephant to the watering hole. The first person to get the elephant to the watering hole wins!
  • Let’s Talk! Game – This game involves finding random objects as moving pieces. Then, kids roll the dice and move forward to the correct number of spaces. When a kid lands on a conversation starter, they ask everyone to answer the question. The first person to make it to the finish line wins!
  • Travel the Solar System Game – This game involves cutting out pre-colored or black-and-white rocket pieces. Then, kids roll the dice and move their rocket ships forward to the correct number of spaces. The first person to reach Earth wins!
  • Mama Bird Shuffle Game – This game involves cutting out a spinner, arrow, and game pieces. Each player spins the arrow and moves forward to the correct location. The first person to reach the nest wins!

How to Use This Collection of Printable Games

  • Print out the game board and any other game pieces onto card stock. 
  • Incorporate a new game into family game night!
  • Use for groups big and small – Scheduling game time for kids can be a great way to keep them engaged in their lessons and have some fun! Have a larger group? Print multiple copies and set up stations.
  • Perfect addition to lesson plans – Whether you’re a teacher or parent, you can supplement these games alongside kids’ lesson plans to further their learning and keep them engaged!
  • Laminate the pages to keep them looking brand new!

Free Sample Printable Board Game

Give our free reptile board game a try, and have fun with a simple game today!

What Age Groups Are Best For These Games?

These printable games work best for those practicing basic skills and can be used for PreK through 1st or 2nd grade! Additionally, they are easy games for older kids to play with younger kids if you have a classroom swap or multiple-age kids at home.

Note: Our Preschool Themes Bundle includes additional games for various themes.


Benefits of These Printable Board Game Templates

  • Physical activity and motor skills – Kids must roll the cube or dice and physically move pieces to play the game!
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving – Kids must understand the correct number of spaces to move forward in the game. They also have to understand what each space means or is asking them. 
  • Keep kids busy during summer break – These games are perfect for keeping kids busy during downtime and can help them brush up on their skills while out of school!
  • Great for family game night – The whole family will enjoy playing a fun board game with the kids. Even older kids can get involved and have some fun!
  • Perfect for all skill levels – Different age groups and skill levels can benefit from these games because they cover a wide range of subjects. 
  • Improves social skills – Kids have to communicate with others, take turns, collaborate, resolve conflict, and make decisions that can affect others. 
  • Improves communication skills – Kids must express their thoughts, ideas, and intentions clearly to participate effectively. Kids learn to communicate openly and respectfully, whether discussing strategy, asking for help, or simply chatting during the game.
  • Hand-eye coordination – Kids need to be able to manipulate small pieces and throw dice to play the games. 
  • Perfect for groups – Put kids in small groups as learning centers or do one large group to keep the whole class engaged!

More Fun Game Activities

Printable Board Game Pack

20+ printable board games for kids! Perfect for Pre-K, K, 1st, or whatever age and ability work for your needs. 

Includes seasons, holidays, animals, space, reptiles, and more fun themes! Whenever a new game is made, it will be added, and a new link will be emailed to you.

Each game has instructions, a DIY die or spinner, and needed tokens. You will want to add a few game pieces/household items from your stash. Laminate for long-lasting use or place in a page protector.