Let’s look beyond the games we all know and sometimes have a love/hate relationship with.. that’s Monopoly here! Instead here are some board games that are a bit different, have a more colorful and unique feel, are collaborative, or involve a neat storyline. This list of my favorite kindergarten board games for 5 and 6 year olds is such a fun mix. Of course, you can check out our preschool board games as you may find some good choices there as well.



While the following board games are in the 5+ age range, your kiddo may be ready to give them a go earlier! Several of these games are the “junior” versions of their 10+ counterparts (some of my personal favorites).

At this age and any age really, collaborative games are awesome for encouraging fantastic team-building skills. I find collaborative games particularly fun because it keeps everyone’s attention on every turn.

Although each person gets his or her turn, every player is still involved, perfect for encouraging listening skills. Collaborative style games mean that every player’s idea is heard and taken into consideration.


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I’ve scoured the list of early access deals on strategy games for kids and I wanted to share my list of favorites that have tremendous deals going on right now. You’ll find games for 4-year-olds to 14-year-olds as well as some classics.

Catan Jr.

Having played the adult version even before having my own kiddo, I could not wait to purchase this one and get started! It’s a great introduction to the regular version but much more condensed.

Although we introduced the regular Catan game around the age of 9/10, it can definitely be a longggg game for a younger kid. Catan Jr. shares many of the basic play actions without the intense game time. Although not a collaborative board game, this one is a must!

Cauldron Quest

Love potions and spells? This is another fun collaborative game that dabbles in the fantasy world. Become a witch or wizard and work together to gather ingredients or face the evil witch! Choose your paths wisely and use teamwork to win the game.

My First Carcassonne

While you can easily start this kids board game around age 4, it easily carries over into the 5 and 6 year old age range too. Another first beginnings game for a well-loved favorite! If you can’t wait to get the original version, then you might as well get started with this one! Such a fun way to introduce strategy at a young age.

Race to the Treasure

The Peaceable Kingdoms game company is one of my favorites for colorful, quality made board games that usually feature collaborative game play action. This is definitely high on the list of favorites! Work together to collect all of the keys before the Ogre gets to the treasure!

Ticket to Ride First Journey

This first journey or junior edition is another great way to get started with a fantastic series of board games without the lengthy gameplay. It’s an awesome mini version of the original Ticket to Ride board game if you are itching to play it with younger kiddos. I love how it encourages geography skills without being a “geography skills” game.

Zoo Regatta

Another fantastic first strategy game that also incorporates geography and this time around the world! Plus, a favorite theme for us is anything to do with animals!

Robot Turtles

Introduce basic coding skills with turtles! Who remembers the very old computer program with the green triangle turtle from about 30 years ago? I do! There are a variety of ways you can play this game with increasing difficulty.


Can you outfox the fox? This game is yet another fun cooperative game where everyone works together to solve a mystery! Not to worry, the game has endless play possibilities along the lines of Clue but with a cute theme. A great introduction to deduction style games!

Logic Games

The company Think Fun has quite a few logic games that are also fantastic to add to your board game mix especially since your kiddos can pull them out as single player games. It’s always a good idea to have a few solo games like this available that double as awesome problem solving activities!

More Fun Board Games For Kids

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