Do you need a quick and easy Christmas game to get the kiddos talking? Kids love would you rather questions because they take the stress off coming up with something original to say. Instead, a quick question is all that’s needed to get the (snow)ball rolling! Have some fun with your kids with these printable Would You Rather questions for Christmas? Great for conversation starters or small group activities at home or in the classroom. We love fun and easy Christmas activities for kids!


This or That Christmas Edition

Would you rather or this and that questions make excellent icebreakers for classrooms, small groups, even clubs, and other activities! Learn more about a new friend or classmate in a fun way with holiday theme questions.

Our Christmas Would You Rather questions have fun prompts with a science-themed twist that hopefully will encourage the kiddos to speak up and share a funny story or anecdote, too! Kids can share their love of all things holiday and hopefully feel less awkward doing so with these printable cards!

These Christmas would you rather questions are perfect to add to a Countdown Calendar!


How to Use:

Print, cut, and stick in a jar to pass around. This classic Would You Rather game is perfect to help kids connect in a fast and fun way.

Bonus: they can be used anytime by anyone! They are great for the bus, snack time, or a get-to-know-you situation. Oh, and it doesn’t have to cost anything either!

Check out more fun Would You Rather questions…

Would You Rather Christmas Questions

Here are 50 Christmas-themed “Would You Rather” questions with a science twist for kids: Grab the free printable and save them for later.

  1. Would you rather receive a telescope to explore the stars or a microscope to see tiny Christmas creatures?
  2. Would you rather have a reindeer as a pet or a penguin?
  3. Would you rather visit Santa’s workshop at the North Pole or travel to the International Space Station for Christmas?
  4. Would you rather have a Christmas tree that glows with bioluminescent lights or a tree that magically changes colors?
  5. Would you rather build a gingerbread house that floats in the air or one that sinks and becomes an underwater habitat for fish?
  6. Would you rather have a magic snow globe that transports you to different Christmas scenes or a magic snowflake that grants three wishes?
  7. Would you rather go ice skating on frozen lakes on Christmas Day or skiing on snowy mountains?
  8. Would you rather have a talking snowman friend or a talking Christmas tree friend?
  9. Would you rather receive a gift that grants you the ability to understand and speak any animal language or a gift that lets you communicate with plants?
  10. Would you rather have a flying sleigh like Santa’s or a high-speed rocket sleigh to deliver presents around the world?
  11. Would you rather experience a Christmas with no gravity in space or a Christmas with twice the amount of snow on Earth?
  12. Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree with biodegradable ornaments or edible ones made from delicious cookies and candies?
  13. Would you rather receive a magical snowball that never melts or a magical candy cane that never runs out?
  14. Would you rather celebrate Christmas underwater with mermaids and marine animals or in a snowy wonderland with polar bears and penguins?
  15. Would you rather have a snowstorm of marshmallows or a rain of hot chocolate on Christmas morning?
  16. Would you rather have a gift that allows you to control the weather for one day or a gift that lets you teleport to any place instantly?
  17. Would you rather have a Christmas feast featuring dishes from all around the world or a feast made entirely of Christmas-themed foods?
  18. Would you rather have a Christmas tree that produces wrapped presents every day or a tree that grows candy canes?
  19. Would you rather receive a magic nutcracker that brings your toys to life or a magic ornament that grants you the ability to fly?
  20. Would you rather spend Christmas in a cozy cabin in the snowy mountains or on a tropical island with palm trees and Christmas coconuts?
  21. Would you rather have a Santa Claus that can shrink down to fit through any chimney or a Santa Claus that can instantly visit every house in the world?
  22. Would you rather have a magical snowfall that creates colorful patterns on the ground or one that plays your favorite Christmas songs?
  23. Would you rather spend a day helping elves make toys in Santa’s workshop or helping scientists conduct Christmas-themed experiments in a lab?
  24. Would you rather have a Christmas wreath that emits pleasant scents or one that twinkles with small LED lights?
  25. Would you rather have a Christmas-themed amusement park with rides and attractions or a Christmas zoo featuring festive animals from around the world?

Enjoy these fun and imaginative, science inspired, “Christmas Science Would You Rather” questions with your friends and family during the holiday season!

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