Are you looking for fun Christmas activities for kids? Whether you want something to do at home on Christmas day or free printable classroom activities, we have you covered. These quick and easy Christmas activities mean less mess, less prep, and more fun! From Christmas crafts and handmade ornaments to our favorite Christmas games and STEM activities, we have many fun ways for you to enjoy the holiday season!


Kids Christmas Activities For All Ages

Have you always wanted to try a few Christmas activities with your kids but thought you just didn’t have the time?

We love coming up with Christmas games and holiday crafts that any family can do together with just a few inexpensive supplies. I hope you will try a few and let me know how you liked them!

Christmas crafts, Christmas games, Christmas slime, and Christmas STEM activities!! 

Don’t forget these Christmas Jokes for Kids… they’re perfect for a daily countdown.

—> All of these fun Christmas activities use just a few materials. You may already have many, and the rest are easy to pick up.

—> Suitable for preschoolers to elementary-aged kids! Even Mom and Dad will want to join in. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact red and green colored items you see. Use what you have!

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The Best Christmas Activities for Kids

Try a few of these Christmas ideas this season or during the winter break. You can also enjoy some of these holiday activities at home with family and friends on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Click on the links below to see how to set up each activity.

Christmas Crafts and Art Projects

You’ll find all our Christmas Art Projects here, including crafts, famous artists, and process art projects!

You’ll find all of our DIY Christmas Ornament Projects here!

Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

Easy to make, these coffee filter Christmas trees are such a fun craft to add to your Christmas activities. Coffee filters are a MUST have addition to any science or craft kit! 

Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

Printable Christmas Ornament Craft

Cute Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit plus you don’t need a ton of supplies to make them.


Christmas Paper Spinner Craft

This Christmas paper spinner is a fantastic STEAM craft combining art and science. Check out the additional STEAM crafts below. All come with a free printable to get you started.


3D Christmas Tree

You can do so much with a few sheets of paper and wrapping ribbon. I love simple projects that look amazing but don’t take a ton of time, supplies, or craftiness to do!

3D Christmas Tree

Popsicle Stick Window Ornament

Enjoy the holiday season this year with a fun homemade Christmas decoration! This festive Popsicle stick craft window is easy to make with just a few simple materials.

Christmas Window

Paper Christmas Tree

Create a fun and colorful Christmas tree out of paper these holidays that is perfect for older kids too and would look great at home or in the classroom. Free printable included!


Paper Gingerbread House

Similar to our paper Christmas tree craft above, make a colorful paper gingerbread house. All you need are a few simple supplies and our printable gingerbread house template.


Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

These have to be the EASIEST cinnamon ornaments around! Add this no-cook cinnamon ornament recipe to your bag of Christmas activities, and you will have something fun and easy for the kids to do this holiday season.


Fun Christmas Games

Our Christmas Fun pack is filled with additional printable games you can play daily leading up to Christmas. Grab your Christmas Fun pack here.

Gingerbread Man I Spy

A simple and fun Christmas game for kids for the holiday season! Enjoy a festive printable gingerbread man game to go along with our gingerbread man STEM activities.

Christmas Would You Rather

Have some fun with your kids with these printable Would You Rather questions for Christmas? Great for conversation starters or small group activities at home or in the classroom.

Christmas Cup Stacking Challenge

This is a seriously fun and totally easy STEM challenge for kids to set up this holiday season. We all need a few tricks up our sleeve with all the hustle and bustle that is going on!

This Christmas cup tower STEM is a great science experiment for kids! One of the simplest experiments for kids to try this holiday season!Pin
Christmas Cup Challenge

Christmas Card Engineering Challenge

The best way to recycle all those Christmas cards! What kind of structures can you build with a heap of Christmas cards?


LEGO Marble Run

Get the kids to build a LEGO maze out of basic bricks. Can you make it through the maze from one end to the other?

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LEGO Christmas Marble Maze STEAM Christmas CountdownPin

Christmas Tree I Spy

Want a few minutes to drink your coffee while it is still hot? Print off our free I Spy Christmas Tree Counting Activity. There are 2 skill levels to keep everyone happy.


Christmas Bingo

Add bingo games to your Christmas activities. These printable Christmas bingo cards are picture based so even the younger ones can join in the fun!


Christmas Slime and Playdough Recipes

Get into the spirit of the holidays with homemade Christmas slime and playdough. From Rudolph to the Grinch, candy canes to Christmas trees, and everything in between.

Grinch Slime

Make this awesome Grinch slime to go along with the book or movie this season. The Grinch has such a wonderful message for kids and families all year round!

Check out more fun Grinch Day activities here!

Elf on the Shelf Slime

What has Elf been up to? Making slime, of course!

Candy Cane Slime

Nothing says Christmas like the red and white stripes of the classic candy cane! We love to turn traditional Christmas themes into fun slime recipes.

Candy Cane Fluffy Slime

We love fluffy slime because of it’s unique texture. Twist two colors into a candy cane.

Tinsel Christmas Slime

Turn slime into an ornament to give as a gift or hang on the tree. Add gorgeous tinsel glitter (slightly different from the standard glitter) to this simple slime recipe!

Scented Gingerbread Man Slime

Add your favorite scents of Christmas to our easy Christmas slime recipes. Cookie cutters make a fun addition to this slimy Christmas science and sensory activity.

Gingerbread Playdough

Is this baking cookies or making playdough? Enjoy the scented sensory play of gingerbread playdough this season!

Gingerbread Play Dough

Christmas Tree Slime

Decorate a slimy Christmas tree! Use one of our favorite basic slime recipes and miniature ornaments for a fun and easy Christmas activity.

Christmas Playdough

Make this easy homemade playdough with a Christmas theme. Add in a free printable Christmas playdough mat for fun play and learning!

Christmas Play Dough

Christmas Around The World Activities

How do children around the world celebrate Christmas? Explore the traditions of Christmas around the world with our free printable Christmas Around the World coloring sheets. Color and learn! Pair it with fun Christmas Around the World Activities.


LEGO Christmas Activities

Christmas LEGO Ornaments

If you have a house full of LEGO, you can’t have a Christmas tree without a few simple to make LEGO Christmas ornaments!

Simple to Make LEGO Christmas Ornaments for kidsPin

LEGO Advent Calendar

Finally a printable LEGO Advent Calendar for Christmas that will keep the kids busy! 25 Days of simple LEGO Christmas activities to do with your kids.

Lego Advent Calendar for KidsPin
Lego Advent Calendar

Christmas LEGO Task Cards

Tis the season for building with LEGO! These free printable Christmas LEGO challenge cards are the way to go for easy and fun Christmas activities for kids.

printable christmas lego task cards for kidsPin

Christmas LEGO Building Ideas

These LEGO Christmas building ideas are a fun challenge for older kids or a fun project for a parent and younger child to do together.

Christmas LEGO Habitat Challenge

Ready to grab your bricks and pieces and design something new and festive? Why not give this Christmas LEGO habitat challenge a try? The best part is you don’t need fancy bricks or a specific set! 


LEGO Christmas Cards

Now my son isn’t the super crafty type, but break out the LEGO and some paint, and he gets pretty excited. Our homemade LEGO stamped Christmas cards are now on their way to family far away.

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LEGO Stamped Christmas Cards Craft Activity for KidsPin

Homemade Gifts

Why not set up simple Christmas activities that also make great homemade gifts for family members and friends!

Christmas Bath Bombs

Chemistry in the bathtub with fizzing candy cane inspired bath bombs you can make easily with the kids.


DIY Snow Globe For Kids

Find out how to make a super cute DIY snow globe using just a few ingredients and classic toys the kids are sure to love.


DIY Christmas Ornaments

So many ornament craft ideas for kids to make to decorate the Christmas tree or to give as a keepsake gift.

Christmas Glitter Jars

Our homemade sensory bottles or glitter jars can be reinvented each season for a fun and creative sensory activity. Plus, they make cute Christmas gifts to give away!

Advent Calendar Ideas

If you have always wanted to make your own Christmas countdown calendar, here are some simple, fun, homemade advent calendar ideas you will love.


Christmas Science Activities

Science and STEM activities are always a hit with kids. These Christmas science experiments below are quick, easy, and very popular.

Dissolving Candy Canes

The choice candy for the holiday season makes for an awesome science experiment! Our dissolving candy cane experiment is an easy and frugal Christmas activity and a great chemistry experiment for young kids.

Dissolving Candy Canes

Fizzing Christmas Trees

Christmas science with fizzing Christmas trees. We put a bit of spin on the classic baking soda and vinegar science activity! Watch the video and check out the directions.

Christmas Skittles

Our Christmas science activity is an awesome example of water density, and kids love this fascinating candy science!

Christmas Catapult

Building a simple catapult is a great way to explore physics through play! Newton’s laws of motion pair nicely with this homemade STEM activity for Christmas.

Magnetic Ornaments

Explore the power of magnetism with Christmas ornaments and magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Have the kids guess yes or no, and test their answers!


Santa’s Balloon Rocket

What happens when you use a balloon to power Santa’s sleigh? Will he make his rounds in time or will he fall flat? The kids will love this super easy-to-set-up Santa balloon rocket STEM activity.

Santa’s Magic Milk

The kids love this classic science experiment because of the amazing results! We know Santa is sure to have magic milk during the holidays.

Christmas Magic Milk SciencePin

Christmas Coding Activities

Make a Coding Ornament

Code without a computer, learn about the binary alphabet and craft a simple ornament all in one great Christmas activity.

Christmas Coding

Christmas Secret Coding Pictures

A fun little introduction into the world of screen-free coding and algorithms with this free Christmas coding picture pack!

Christmas Algorithm Game

Speak the language of computers when you learn about algorithms and binary code! Use our screen-free materials like this Christmas algorithm game to get started!

Christmas Coding Game

Christmas Math Activities

Christmas Tessellations

Combine a tessellation activity with art, perfect to add to your Christmas activities this season. Color the pattern and then work out how to tesselate the gingerbread houses for a fun and easy Christmas activity.


Christmas Math Worksheets

From kindergarten and preschoolers to elementary, explore hands-on Christmas math games and activities with simple supplies and free printable Christmas math worksheets.


Jingle Bell Shape Activity

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to put a fun twist on a simple math concept. Add our jingle bell shapes Christmas math activity to your calendar this season.

Jingle Bell Shapes

Printable Christmas Fun Pack

Countdown to Christmas with 25+ low to no prep activities!


  • 25+ Low-to-no-Prep Christmas activities include games, secret codes, paper crafts, and more!
  • Fun Christmas games include a 10-card bingo game, DIY board game, I Spy, word find, sodoku, and more!
  • Easy Christmas Projects include making a peppermint spinner, exploring gingerbread house tessellations, playing with homemade thaumatropes, creating 3D Christmas cards, and so much more!
  • Bonus! Includes the 12 days of Christmas Color by Code!