Love water science! Easy activities like this Earth Day water science experiment is perfect preschool science. It is quick to set up, fun to explore and provides fascinating results while teaching important concepts. Hands on learning through play is a great way to introduce science to young children. Change up simple ideas to fit the season or holiday.


Earth Day Water Science Cotton Pads

We have done quite a few water science activities! Our Earth Day water science experiment is a fun twist on one of our very first preschool science activities we tried out exploring absorption. Check it out here.

Here we aren’t experimenting with different materials, but instead we added an art component to make it a fun STEAM activity! What is STEAM? It’s an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Earth Day Water Science Water Absorption with cotton pads and eye dropper

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Water science experiments are so easy to pull together because you have many of the items already on hand! Or you can pick them up easily when you go to the grocery store.

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All this Earth Day water science experiment needs is water, cotton pads, food coloring, an eye dropper, and a tray! My son placed the cotton pads on the tray while I mixed the water and food coloring.



Cotton Pads

Food Coloring


Small Containers

Eyedropper or Pipette

Experimenting with eye droppers is perfect for both science and fine motor skills! You can explain that the best scientists have to have very precise skills and have to work patiently and slowly when they are performing their experiments!

Earth Day Activity Water Absorption Science Blue and Green Water

Soak the pads, mix the colors, and make mini Earths. This Earth Day water science experiment is so versatile! My son enjoyed explaining what each one looked like. This one was just an ocean or just an island or an island surrounded by an ocean.

He experimented with mixing the colors. he tested just how much the cotton pads would hold by counting drops. Often kids will make up their own ways to experiment from observing the way things work. This type of exploring leads to natural problem solving!

Sit back and enjoy your child’s natural curiosity!

Try not to make them do it a certain way!

Let them explore and discover!

Ask questions to help get them thinking! 

Earth Day Science Water Play Mixing Blue and Green Water with Eye Dropper

Here’s our completed tray for our Earth Day water science play. We have oceans, land masses and mixes. There is absolutely no wrong way for this simple Earth day activity to turn out!

Earth Day Water Science Soaked Cotton Pads Look Like Mini Planet Earth

Most importantly we enjoyed quality play time together while learning something new.


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