Have you ever played skittles? How about a homemade LEGO skittles game? We did and we had a blast playing with it too. Great boredom buster, sick day play, rainy day activity, or fun family time activity. We love LEGO activities.

Homemade LEGO Skittles Game

Lego Skittles Game This past weekend we had the opportunity to pour through a huge box of Legos, some 10 years old. This super easy homemade Lego Skittles games was a cool idea I found in the Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Book but slightly modified. I do not have all the original parts from the book. The book is no longer in print but used copies do exist. This Lego skittles game was quick to set up but kept us busy for quite a while. Legos are so versatile. You can build a simple zip line, make a marble maze, engineer balloon race cars and so much more.

Quick Lego Skittles Game Construction for Lasting Play

Below you will find the 4 pieces you need to make the Lego Skittles top. I have a 40 tooth gear wheel, a 25 tooth gear wheel and a 15 tooth gear wheel on a 6 Stud Axle piece. Simply fit them together as shown below and you know have a top for your Lego Skittles game!

Lego Skittles Top How to make Lego Top with technic pieces

We found the best surface to play Lego Skittles on is a piece of foam core board. Set up 10 Lego pieces at one end. The directions from the book say to place four books around the area to make a rink. For our play with the skittles game, we just had the lego pieces and the top. My son thought it was hilarious when the top zoomed off the board anyway. Next time I will try the books.

Lego Skittles Playing Game with Technic Top and Technic Pieces I tried to take few pictures of us playing the Lego Skittles game, but they aren’t the best. However, you can see he thoroughly enjoyed his new Lego Skittles game. The photo below captures the awesome spinning action of the Lego Skittles top. It works wonderfully. My son mastered it in just a few tries.  Lego Skittles Game Technic Top Spinning

How do you play Lego Skittles? Easy rules.

This homemade Skittles game really is a super fun and simple game to set up. My son even enjoyed it on his own which is rare. The actual rules of the game have you adding the number of pieces you knock down for a set number of turns. Each player gets one chance at the skittles. Count the pieces knocked down and keep score. Set the skittles up again for the next player. Pick a set number and rounds and see how is the winner. Lego Skittles Game Action Spinning Top

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