Gobble, gobble! It’s fun to think about what themes represent Thanksgiving. I always think about changing leaves, deep shades of reds, oranges, and yellows, pumpkins, harvest and turkeys of course. Check out our Thanksgiving turkey slime recipe below using our favorite fluffy slime as our base!



We love making cool theme slime for any season or holiday that’s coming up. We had fun with fall slime, Halloween slime and now are heading into Thanksgiving.

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The latest on our list of Thanksgiving slime is to create this homemade totally fluffy turkey slime. We took our favorite fluffy slime recipe, added a festive fall color, and made our own feathers to dress it up a bit.

Find a couple google eyes, create some feathers, and you can turn a plain slime container into a cute turkey craft to hold your fluffy slime.

Alternatively, you could fill your container with our other version of turkey slime filled with turkey confetti and gold glitter. It uses clear glue, so everything really sparkles.

Our fluffy slime recipe is definitely a different texture then our usual saline solution slime. Both are made with the slime activator, saline solution, but to make it extra fluffy, we add shaving cream. Big mounds of it!

I love the texture of our turkey slime recipe below because it’s so thick and squishy, and it makes for amazing sensory play. Once completely mixed, it’s barely sticky and shouldn’t leave a mess on the hands. Though mixing can get a little messy.

We dressed up our slime mound a bit by bending pipe cleaners into the shape of feathers. We stuck our feathers into the slime and dug out a couple jumbo google eyes.

It still oozes and and stretches and does all the other cool slime like things that slime does, but it’s just a little thicker.

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  • 3-4 Cups Shaving Cream {Foamy Kind}
  • 1/2 Cup White PVA Washable School Glue
  • 1 TBL Saline Solution {Note: must contain sodium borate/ boric acid as ingredients}
  • 1 TSP Baking Soda
  • Food Coloring {we chose brown and you can see the supplies we chose below}
  • Bowl, Spoon, Measuring Cups
  • Pipe Cleaners and Google Eyes
  • Storage Container


STEP 1. Measure out the shaving cream!

It’s not an exact measurement because it’s hard to fill the cup completely without going over the rim, and it’s hard getting the shaving cream into all the nooks and crannies. Usually I just end up with a big mound. I can  make 4 fluffy slime recipes per can of shaving cream.

STEP 2. Add brown food coloring to the shaving foam and gently mix in.

You will need a good amount of color to get brown fluffy slime since you are mixing it with a whole lot of white shaving cream. Adds in a bit of color theory too! We still could have added more brown food coloring.

STEP 3. Add the glue.

PVA glue is the backbone of the slime. Mixed with the slime activator and you have awesome oozing slimey goodness to play with.

STEP 4. Add baking soda.

Baking soda helps to firm the slime. We have experimented with different amounts to achieve different consistencies. Set yourself up a science experiment with slime and try it out!

STEP 5. Add the slime activator and start mixing! Your totally turkey Thanksgiving fluffy slime will come together in a minute or less.

Make sure to whip up your Thanksgiving fluffy slime recipe really well until it has pulled away from the sides and starts to form a ball shape or blob shape!

Make sure to knead your fluffy slime well, and it will form a smooth texture that is nice and stretchy. It shouldn’t be sticky after well kneaded.

A good trick is to drip a few drops of solution onto your hands before you pick up the slime to knead it. That way it will be less sticky as you start out! You will knead much of the stickiness out of it and be left with a cool slime that doesn’t stick to the hands and get all goopy.

You can store your slime in a container with lid. I don’t find this slime lasts as long as our original slime recipes do, but it’s still tons of fun to play with just the same. Everyone loves to give fluffy slime a squeeze or a squish.


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