Goopy, fluffy, stretchy, oozy, creepy are some of my son’s favorite slime names to describe our awesome homemade slime recipes and what better time to make slime then for Halloween!  Whether you want to make a Halloween slime in classic Halloween colors, whip up slime in a cauldron, or turn slime into fun Halloween favors, we have the BEST Halloween slime ideas for you!




Over the last few years, we have become fascinated with making slime! At first, I thought making slime was going to be super hard, and that I would never be able to get it right. But then I tried it and loved it!

All of our holiday, seasonal, and everyday slime recipes use one of five basic slime recipes that are super easy to make! We make slime all the time now, and these have become our go-to favorite slime recipes!

Once you learn how to make slime, the possibilities are endless! Make one or all of these cool Halloween slime ideas below with spooky Halloween names like Vampire slime, Witch’s Brew, black slime, zombie slime, bat slime, spider web slime and more!

We have the best resources for you to look through before, during, and after making your Halloween slime!

The Halloween slime recipes below use common slime activators such as saline solution and baking soda, borax powder, or liquid starch. We even have a couple of completely borax free Halloween slime recipes for you to try too!


Click on the links below to see each unique Halloween slime recipe. Check out the Halloween videos showing you how to make each slime!

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1.  Halloween Floam

Squishy, moldable Halloween Floam is the perfect sensory treat for kids this Halloween.

2. Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Slime

Creepy oozing green goo and carved Jack O lanterns are perfect for one of our newest Halloween slime recipes.

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3. Bubbling Witch’s Brew

The evil witches of Hocus Pocus would easily love this bubbling Halloween slime recipe! If you are looking for a spooky good time with a family friendly movie theme, then our bubbling, fizzing, erupting cauldron of oozing slime is perfect.

4.  Spooky Halloween Slime

Watch the Halloween kids video and make the slime! A super cool, super stretchy and absolutely homemade Halloween slime recipe the kids will love. 

Halloween Slime

5.  Halloween Black Slime

Hold on to your broomsticks for this one! Our Halloween Slime Recipe with Elmer’s Black Glitter Glue is fast, easy, and perfectly stretchy with just two ingredients.

6.  Volcano Slime

This is by far one of the coolest slime recipes we have to date because it combines two things we love: slime making and baking soda vinegar reactions.

This fizzing slime volcano is a 2 for 1 chemistry activity for kids. Learn how to make a unique Halloween slime while also experimenting with acids and bases!

7.  Bat Confetti Slime

Make this easy clear slime for Halloween and fill it with fun bat confetti for the holidays.

Bat Slime

8.  Spider Web Slime

This fall we created an idea for a spider web Halloween slime since my son is interested in checking out spiderwebs whenever we are out for a walk. I love the way morning dew really highlights the beauty of spiderwebs.

Spider Slime

9. Monster Slime

Monster’s Inc, Ghostbusters, Purple People Eater, whichever you like, our monster Halloween slime recipe with googly eyes is perfect for all things gooey, monster-y, and gross.

10. Ghost Slime

Make a white slime that is perfect as a ghostly Halloween slime.


Fluffy Slime has to be one of the most popular slime recipes we have with just one additional ingredient that gives the slime it’s fluff! Can you guess what it is? It’s been one of our favorite slime recipes to make this season!

11. Zombie Fluffy Slime

Brains and more brains with our homemade zombie theme slime. Perfect for kids who love all things zombie for a cool Halloween slime idea.

Zombie Fluffy Slime

12.  Witch’s Brew Fluffy Slime

Find out how little Witch’s and wizards can get into the fluffy slime making fun this Halloween!

Witch Fluffy Halloween Slime Recipe Idea for Kids

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13. Orange Fluffy Slime

We had to make a homemade orange pumpkin fluffy slime recipe for Halloween.

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Fluffy Pumpkin Slime


Just in case you need an alternative slime recipe that’s perfectly safe if someone sneaks a taste. I know some kids still like to taste new things. Our regular slime recipes are totally NOT edible!

These Halloween slime recipes below, however, are completely taste safe. None of these should be considered a snack but they are non-toxic if a piece is ingested.

14. Vampire Blood Slime

Make slime taste safe and completely borax free! We tried something a little different with this Metamucil Halloween slime recipe.

Metamucil Slime

15. Fake Snot Slime

Fake snot is a must try slime recipe for cool science, gross science, or your next Halloween party! Easy to make with a few kitchen ingredients, fake snot slime is even edible or at the very least taste safe.

16. Halloween Peeps Slime 

I don’t want to alarm you, but you might find eyes in your slime. Yes, I am talking about the eyes of Peeps! We tried something different around here and made a Peeps Candy Halloween slime.


What’s better than to give out candy-free Halloween slime treats or favors this year! Maybe you are planning a mad junior science party and want something cool for the kids to take home with them! This is it!

17.  Eyeball Slime


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