Kick off your spring science with an Earth Day activity and make seed bombs with your kids! Super easy and fun to make, start a new tradition this Earth Day and learn how to make seed bombs.  A flower seed bomb is also a fun DIY gift!   Use this seed bomb recipe and make them for mom for Mother’s Day too!


Kick off your spring science with an Earth Day activity and make seed bombs with your kids! Super easy and fun to make, start a new tradition this Earth Day and learn how to make homemade seed bombs. A flower seed bomb is a fun DIY gift! Use this seed bomb recipe and make them for mom for Mother's Day too!


Earth Day might come once a year, but we can keep the spirit of Earth Day alive all year long. Planting seeds is a wonderful kick-off to spring and summer, and learning how to make seed bombs is a great way to get your planting started. Bonus, you can give these seed bombs as gifts!

Make these DIY seed bombs with simple materials you can pull straight from the recycling bin or use scraps of colored paper. I always save the bits and pieces of whole sheets. Here we strategically used Earth Day colors in blue, green, and white. You can use whatever is available making it even more eco-friendly!

How To Make Seed Bombs

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Get the kids in the kitchen with this exciting and fun activity perfect for talking about flowers, science, and more! How does a seed grow? If you haven’t started a seed jar or tried this eggshell seed growing activity, you must read about them. The seed jar was just awesome!

It’s fascinating to watch flowers grow and bloom throughout our yard all summer long. We love planting a variety of colors and caring for them throughout the summer months and even into the fall for a few of them last year.

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Homemade Seed Bombs for Kids



  • 3-4 Packages of Flower Seeds
  • 3 Sheets of Construction Paper (we used blue, green, and white)
  • Food Processor
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • 3 Small Containers
  • Baking Sheet and Parchment Paper (drying seed bombs)

DIY Seed Bombs Supplies


STEP 1:  Start by cutting your construction paper into one-inch squares. Place each color separately in a container.

Seed Bombs recycled Activity

STEP 2:  Once you have cut up all your paper squares and each container is ready, add water. Cover the paper completely and allow to soak for 20 minutes.

STEP 3:  When the 20 minutes is finished (the hardest part is always waiting), take one container and squeeze the excess water out of the paper. Place the paper in a food processor and pulse until the paper becomes pulp!

Making Paper Pulp for Seed Bombs

Place the pulp back into its container. Go ahead and repeat with the next two colors until you have three containers of pulp!

STEP 4:  Divide the packages of seeds between the three containers gently mixing them into the pulp.

STEP 5:  Start by taking a bit of each color from each container and forming it into a ball! We wanted these to resemble the Earth for Earth Day.  If you have chosen other colors that are great too! To make the Earth try not to mix up the colors too much.

Easy to make seed bombs for Earth Day

These kinds of Earth Day activities are a wonderful gateway to talk to your kids while your hands are busy! Talk about the importance of planting seeds, clean water, clean air, conservation and anything else they are interested in hearing about! Getting a little messy and hands-on with kids is super engaging and creates the perfect atmosphere for learning!

STEP 6:  Place your homemade seed bombs on a parchment lined baking tray. You can go ahead and press a few more seeds into the balls if you think they need a few more. Let your tray dry overnight.

Earth Day Seed Bombs Kids Friendly Recipe


Get ready! Once dry, toss your flower seed bombs into your favorite flower pot or garden plot. Still have to dig a hole first! These also make fun gifts to give to friends and family. Decorate a flower pot, add a seed bomb, and you have a sweet gift that’s Earth-friendly!

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Earth Day Activity with Easy to Make Seed Bombs for Planting or Giving as Gifts

We hope you have founded a fantastic new activity to celebrate Earth Day that you can turn into a tradition each year with your kids at home or classroom!


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