Spring science activities for preschool, elementary, and middle school science are a natural choice when the weather turns warm! Plants begin to grow, gardens are getting started, bugs and creepy crawlies are out, and the weather changes. Fun spring topics to add to your lesson plans include weather science, seed science, and more!


Spring Activities for All Ages to Try

Spring is the perfect time of year for science! There are so many themes to explore. We have put together our best spring science activities that work just as well in the classroom as they do at home or with other groups! These activities are super easy to add to your seasonal lessons—everything you need to know to enjoy nature science easily with your kids.

For this time of the year, my favorite topics to teach your preschoolers about spring include plants and seeds, weather and rainbows, geology, and more! There are plenty of activities to take you from preschool to elementary to middle school.

Below you’ll find links to all of the BEST spring science projects; many have free printable activities to accompany them. You can start by downloading the FREE Spring STEM Cards below!

Another great resource to keep bookmarked is our Spring Printables Page. It’s a growing resource for quick projects.

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    Hands-On Spring Activities List

    Click on each link below for the full supply list and set-up instructions. We strive to make all our activities and projects as doable as possible and on a tight budget. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to share science with kids!

    Learn About Plants and Seeds

    How plants grow and what they need is vital to our everyday lives! From growing bean seeds to dissecting flowers, you can learn all about this important biological process at any age!

    Bean Seed Germination

    This seed germination experiment is one of our site’s most popular science experiments. Make your own seed jar and get a bird’s eye view of how seeds grow underground. It’s so easy to set up indoors and to do with a large group!

    Bean Seed Printable Pack

    Add this free printable bean life cycle pack to your seed germination jar project to extend the learning!

    Grow Seeds in Eggshells

    Observe seed growth by growing seeds in eggshells. Save your eggshells from breakfast, plant seeds, and every so many days, observe how they grow. Planting seeds is always a hit.

    How Plants Breathe

    Gather some fresh leaves from the garden and learn about how plants breathe with this easy-to-set-up spring activity.

    Plant Cells

    Learn about plant cells and create a cell collage using a free template for a spring STEAM project!

    Plant Life Cycle

    Explore the plant life cycle with this free printable plant life cycle worksheet pack. For younger kids, print this free plant life cycle color by number pack!


    Color Changing Flowers

    Turn white flowers into a rainbow of color and learn about the parts of the flower simultaneously with color changing flower experiment.

    Easy Flowers to Grow with Kids

    Plant some seeds and grow your own flowers with our easy flowers to grow guide.

    Grow a Grass Head

    Or grow a grass head for a playful spring science project.

    Grass Heads In A Cup

    Make Coffee Filter Flowers

    Explore the colorful world of science meets art with DIY coffee filter flowers. Make a bouquet for someone special.

    Grow Crystal Flowers

    Make some cool twisty pipe cleaner flowers and turn them into crystal flowers with simple ingredients.

    How To Regrow Lettuce

    Did you know that you can regrow certain vegetables from their stalks right on the kitchen counter? Here’s how to regrow lettuce.

    See How Water Travels Through Leaf Veins

    Learn about how water travels through leaf veins with the kids this spring.

    Preschool Flower Activity

    Explore real flowers with a 3 in 1 flower ice melt activity, sorting and identifying the parts of a flower and if there is time, a fun water sensory bin.

    Parts of a Flower Dissection

    For older kids, explore this flower dissection activity with free parts of a flower printable!

    Learn About Photosynthesis

    What is photosynthesis, and why is it so important to plants?

    Make a Homemade Greenhouse

    Curious about how a greenhouse works? Make a greenhouse from a recycled plastic bottle.

    Rainbow Activities

    Whether you are exploring the physics of light or want to engage in rainbow theme projects, there are plenty of options for all age groups.

    How Do Rainbows Form

    How does a rainbow form? Explore the science of light to produce rainbows around your house using various methods.

    Grow Crystal Rainbows

    Grow crystal rainbows using a classic crystal growing recipe with borax and pipe cleaners.

    Try a Rainbow in a Jar

    Super easy kitchen science using sugar, water, and food coloring. Explore the density of liquids to create a rainbow in a jar.

    Whip up Rainbow Slime

    Learn how to make the easiest rainbow slime ever and create a rainbow of colors!

    Mix Up Rainbow Oobleck

    Make rainbow oobleck using basic kitchen ingredients. Explore a Non-newtonian fluid with your hands. Is it a liquid or a solid?

    Walking Water Experiment

    Explore capillary action and color mixing with a walking water demonstration.

    Homemade Spectroscope

    Make a DIY Spectroscope to see the full spectrum of colors with everyday materials.

    CHECK OUT MORE>>> Rainbow Science Activities

    Weather Activities

    Weather activities are a terrific addition to spring lesson plans but are versatile enough to use any time of the year, especially since we all experience different climates. See all our weather activities for kids here.

    Shaving Cream Rain Cloud

    Try this classic shaving cream rain cloud for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Kiddos will love the sensory and hands-on play aspect too!

    How Do Clouds Form?

    This simple Cloud in a Jar Model teaches how clouds are formed.

    Tornado in a Bottle

    This fun Tornado in a Bottle activity is sure to be exciting for preschoolers.

    How Does the Water Cycle Work

    Water Cycle in a bag is a great way to introduce the water cycle.

    Measure Wind Direction

    Build a DIY anemometer to measure the direction of the wind.

    Four Seasons

    Explore the unique characteristics of each season, the weather changes, the types of clothes we wear, and the fun activities we can enjoy throughout the year! Grab the printable four seasons worksheet pack and check out these seasons activities.

    Cloud Identification Project

    Make your own cloud viewer and take it outside for simple Cloud Identification. Free printable included.


    Geology Activities

    Our geology activities are ever-growing because my kiddo loves rocks! Rocks are fascinating, and you don’t want to miss our FREE Be a Collector mini-pack! Go for a walk and see what you can find.

    Edible Rock Cycle

    Make your own tasty edible rock cycle to explore geology!

    Edible Geode Crystals

    Learn how to make edible geode crystals using simple ingredients I bet you already have.

    How Do Salt Crystals Form?

    Find out how salt crystals form from the evaporation of water, just like it does on Earth.

    LEGO Layers of Earth

    Explore the layers beneath the Earth’s surface with a simple LEGO layers of the Earth activity. Make sure to look for the free printable pack.

    LEGO Soil Layers

    Build a model of the layers of soil with LEGO and print out the free soil layers pack.

    Tectonic Plates

    Try this hands-on tectonic plates model activity to learn more about the earth’s crust.

    Soil Erosion

    Use crackers to observe how soil erosion occurs, and grab the free printable activity pack.

    LEGO Soil Layers

    Nature Theme Activities (Bugs Too)

    Are you ready to get outside? If you’ve been cooped up for far too long or even if you need to add new ideas to your existing outdoor time, nature is filled with possibilities for amazing science and STEM activities! Keep the kids busy and give them something to work on this season with these nature activities and printables!

    Birdseed Ornaments

    Make simple birdseed ornaments and enjoy this fun bird-watching spring activity.


    DIY Bird Feeder

    We made a DIY bird feeder for winter; now try this easy cardboard bird feeder for Spring!

    Ladybug Craft and Life Cycle Printable

    Make a simple toilet paper roll ladybug craft and add in this free printable ladybug life cycle pack for hands-on fun and learning!


    Bee Craft and Bee Lapbook Project

    Make a simple toilet paper roll bee and build this bee lifecyle lapbook to learn about these important insects!

    Magic Mud and Earthworms

    Make a batch of magic mud with fake worms and use the free printable earthworms life cycle pack!

    Create An Edible Butterfly Life Cycle

    Make an edible butterfly life cycle to learn about butterflies, and grab this free butterfly life cycle and activities pack to accompany it. Hint: Don’t want to make it edible? Use play dough instead! Also, make a butterfly sensory bin!

    Butterfly Sensory Bin

    Create Sun Prints

    Make sun prints using items around the house and the sun’s rays.

    Nature Science Discovery Bottles

    Look around your backyard and investigate what’s growing for spring! Then make these spring nature science bottles. Add them to a preschool center or use them with older kiddos for drawing and journaling observations.

    Put Together an Outdoor Science Table

    Encourage your young scientist to explore and experiment outdoors when the weather warms up with a outdoor science table.

    Learn About Bug Life Cycles

    Use these free bug life cycle playdough mats to explore a variety of bugs!

    Build a Bee House

    Create a simple bee house to attract the local nature.

    Build an Insect Hotel

    Make a cozy bug hotel for insects and other bugs in the garden to visit.

    Bee Hotel

    Life Cycle Lapbooks

    We have a fantastic collection of ready-to-print lapbooks here that include everything you need for spring and throughout the year. Spring themes include bees, butterflies, frogs, and flowers.

    Earth Day Activities for Spring

    You can find all of our most popular Earth Day activities here. Here are a few favorites to get you started thinking about Earth Day!

    Bonus Spring Activities

    Printable Spring Pack

    If you’re looking to grab all of the printables in one convenient place plus exclusives with a spring theme, our 300+ page Spring STEM Project Pack is what you need!

    Weather, geology, plants, life cycles, and more!


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