Can you paint with marbles? Absolutely! All you need are a few marbles, paint, and a box top or tray. Get ready for art that’s a bit active, a bit silly, and a little messy. Roll ’em around, mix up a few colors, and create a famous artist, Jackson Pollock inspired masterpiece! Awesome process art activities make for a perfect hands-on art experience for kiddos of all ages.




Painting with marbles is a fantastic example of process art, which prioritizes the creative journey over the final product. In this activity, kids place paper inside a shallow box or tray, add dollops of paint in various colors, and then roll marbles around to create colorful, swirling patterns.

The beauty of this approach lies in the unpredictability of the outcome; each roll of the marble produces unique and abstract patterns on the paper. As kids experiment with different angles, speeds, and combinations of colors, they’re actively engaged in the process of discovery and exploration. They’re not aiming to represent any specific object or scene but rather enjoying the sensation of movement and the interplay of colors and shapes.

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Through this hands-on experience, kids develop their motor skills, learn about cause and effect, and cultivate their artistic instincts—all while having a blast with paint and marbles. This activity perfectly embodies both the principles of process art, emphasizing the journey over the destination and the essence of abstract art, where creativity knows no bounds.


Add art to the fun of playing with marbles, and create your own abstract art masterpiece! Think about what colors you want to use and what feelings those colors remind you of.

Want to use your own homemade paint for this activity? Why not make some flour paint!


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    • Marbles
    • Acrylic or Washable Paint
    • Paper
    • Tray or Box Top


    STEP 1: Place a piece of paper on a tray, pie pan, or in a box top.


    STEP 2:  Add dime-size drops of paint around the paper.

    Tip: Try several paint colors for a layered look.


    STEP 3: Add marbles and start rolling them around the paper by tipping, twisting, and turning the tray!



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