Can you paint with bubbles? Of course you can, if you mix up your own simple bubble paint and grab a bubble wand. Talk about budget-friendly process art! Let’s get ready to blow some bubbles and make your own bubble art! We love easy painting ideas for kids



What do you think of when you think of children’s art activities?

Marshmallow snowmen? Fingerprint flowers? Pasta ornaments? While there isn’t anything wrong with these kids crafts, they all have one thing in common. The focus is on the end result!

Usually, an adult has created a plan for a project that has one goal in mind, and it does not leave a lot of room for true creativity. For children, the real fun (and learning) is in the process, not the product. 

  • Kids want to make a mess.
  • They want their senses to come alive.
  • They want to feel and smell and sometimes even taste the process.
  • They want to be free to let their minds wander through the creative process.

How can we help them reach this state of ‘flow’ – (the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task)?

The answer is process art!

Bubble painting below is a fantastic example of process art for kids. And which kid doesn’t love to blow bubbles?

Like our blow painting, other benefits are that bubble painting can help with kids’ oral motor development as well as fine motor skills.

You don’t need a special paint for bubble painting. Simply, add a few drops of food coloring to your bubble mixture. Grab a bubble wand and create an unique piece of bubble art!

Grab your free bubble painting activity right now!


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  • Bubble Solution (Here’s our bubble recipe)
  • Food Coloring
  • Bubble Wand
  • Paper (Cardstock is preferrable)
  • Bowl


STEP 1:  Pour bubble solution into a shallow bowl.

STEP 2:  Add about 10 drops of food coloring and mix!

STEP 3: Use a bubble wand to blow bubbles onto paper! While cardstock is preferable because it will hold up to the liquid, you can still have lots of fun with plain computer printer paper.

Tip: Try several different bubble paint colors for a layered look.

Bubble Painting

More Fun Bubble Activities to Try

More Fun Process Art Activities

Make fizzing art with baking soda painting!

Fill up for water gun painting a masterpiece or even a white t-shirt!

Grab some straws and paint to try easy blow painting.

Get swatting fly swatter painting for a bit of messy art fun!

Magnet painting is a fantastic way to explore magnet science and create a unique piece of art.

Combine simple science and art with salt painting.

Kind of messy but a fun art activity; the kids will have a blast trying splatter painting!

Grab a handful of pinecones for a fantastic pinecone art activity.

Make your own colorful ice cube paints which are easy to use outside and just as easy to clean up. 

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