It’s officially time for spring when the Peeps arrive! I am pretty sure there isn’t too much nutritional value in these sugar-coated, fluffy chicks, but they do make for some Easter science and STEM activities including this taste safe, Peeps slime for Easter science and sensory play!


Easter Peeps Slime Recipe. Taste safe peeps slime for Easter science and Easter sensory play using peeps candy!Pin


You either like peeps or you don’t as a candy treat. In our house it’s divided. I am not a fan but my husband and son seem to enjoy them. They may have eaten one or two along the way, but I managed to use up most of them before a sugar high could set in!

Make sure to print out the EASTER STEM CHALLENGE CARDS too!

This season we will be exploring some different but simple science activities using these fluffy, sugary peeps. Easy ideas that you can try at home and in the classroom if allowed. To get you started we have this great jelly beans and peeps engineering challenge!

Peeps slime also looks like unicorn poop slime! Make peeps slime for Easter science for kids!Pin


So we like to make slime around here and usually, we use one of our basic and classic slime recipes! Slime is such a cool science activity that covers polymers, cross-linking, and general chemistry and you can read more about slime science here.

Of course, this peeps slime isn’t quite the same as our classic slimes, and you can find a cool classic Easter slime here. This peeps taste safe slime is completely taste-safe where the other’s are not.

Now I am sure it’s not yummy either, but it’s great if you have young kids who are still tasting everything they touch! This will be an awesome activity to do with kids that are younger and older and everyone will enjoy the experience. Even adults!

You can also try out Peeps Play Dough and compare the two recipes! If you can find the bubblegum flavored peeps, check out this edible play dough activity too.

Stretchy peeps slime makes a fun and chemical free Easter slime idea for kidsPin


So now we know that since this peeps candy slime is taste-safe that means there aren’t the traditional chemicals involved that form the slime. So how can we make this stretchy Easter candy slime?

So when you heat up a marshmallow or a peep {which is also a marshmallowy candy} you heat up the molecules in the water that is contained within the marshmallow. These molecules move farther apart. This gives us the squishiness that we are looking for to mix up our Rice Krispy squares or our peeps slime.

This is known as a chemical reaction between the heat and the water in the marshmallow. When you add the cornstarch, a natural thickener, you make a thick stretchy substance which is known as the great peeps slime! Your hands playing, kneading, stretching, and generally having fun with the slime dough keeps it going.

What happens after awhile to this peeps activity? As the peeps slime dough slime cools down, it’s going to harden. The molecules in the water move closer together again, and that’s that. This slime is not going to last all day or overnight. Yes, we put it in a plastic bin to see.

Our traditional slime does last for quite awhile, but we are dealing with candy here! We all know that cooking and baking in the kitchen is science anyway.


Easter peeps slime in all colors makes a great peeps candy activity to show a chemical change.Pin


Stock up the peeps! We bought the double packs of peeps in all the colors for our month of peeps science ideas leading up to Easter. You definitely don’t need as many as we bought, but we wanted to share with you all the colors!

To make the peeps slime, you will need a sleeve of 5 peeps in any color or you can make all the colors like we have here.


Adult supervision is necessary for using the microwave as this slime gets hot! You are heating up marshmallows.

  • Peeps {sleeves of 5}
  • Cornstarch
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Tablespoon
  • Bowl and Spoon
  • Potholder


Boxes of peeps for peeps slimesPin

The one thing I love about this Easter slime activity with peeps is that the ingredients are so simple. Open the cupboards for great kitchen science. Most pantries have oil and cornstarch on hand! These are two great ingredients for more science experiments like.




Ingredients for peeps slime include peeps, cornstarch, and oilPin


STEP 1: Break apart the sleeve of 5 peeps and add to a microwave safe bowl.

STEP 2: Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the bowl of peeps.

STEP 3: Put the bowl of peeps in the microwave for 30 seconds.

How to make peeps slime with kids this Easter and spring.Pin

STEP 4: Remove the bowl form the microwave {adults should do this please}.

STEP 5: Add a tablespoon of cornstarch at a time and mush it into your softened peeps. The peeps will be warm to on the hot side so adults should do this to start. We didn’t use a spoon.

STEP 6: We added a total of approximately 3 TBL of cornstarch to each color batch. You can feel when it isn’t really sticky anymore, but you want to make sure to really knead each tablespoon in well before you add more. We did fin the 2x the pink peeps needed a bit less cornstarch.

STEP 7: Continue to knead and stretch and play with your peeps slime!

At this point, you can continue to make more batches of the peeps slime if you have more colors. My son was most excited to be able to combine the colors at the end,

making peeps slimePin

What you end up with is a stretchy slime dough that has some fun movement to it. It is thicker so it doesn’t quite ooze the same was a traditional slime, but you can still give it a good stretch as well as watch it slowly swirl into a pile.

Make sure to check out our Super Stretchy Slime Recipe we just came up with!

stretchy peeps slimePin

This peeps slime definitely displays some of the fun qualities we know and love about our slimes. This is also a wonderful tactile sensory play for kids who love to feel different textures!

If you have kids that love tactile sensory play like sensory bins, doughs, and slimes, check out our great big sensory play resource for kids and adults.

playing with peeps slime for tactile sensory playPin

Squeeze it, stretch it, smash it, pull it, watch it ooze a little too. Slimes of all kinds are great fun for everyone, and we have a bunch of fun slime recipes that are also taste safe including this fiber slime.

peeps slime sciencePin

You might also enjoy making homemade flubber!

explore peeps slime for Easter chemistryPin

My friend proclaimed this looked like the new craze called unicorn poop or snot! However, I plunked a peep on top and will call it peep poop. I know my son thought that was hilarious, and I am sure you will have a few young kids who will too.

peeps slime looks like peeps poop slime too for fun candy sciencePin

Make one color peeps slime or try them all. We used the chicks but you can also try the bunnies or eggs too.

candy science with peeps slimePin

Try peeps slime for both a fun Easter science activity and an Easter sensory play activity all rolled into one morning or afternoon of silly fun!


Click on the photos below for more ways to enjoy activities with the kids this Easter!





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