What do you do with extra tree branches from trimming the tree? Or fun things you have found on a winter nature walk? Try this easy evergreen oobleck recipe for winter science and sensory play! Oobleck is a classic sensory science activity made from two simple ingredients.

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Hands-On Winter Activities For Play And Learning

Traditional oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water. Roughly a 2:1 ratio but you can tinker with the ratio to find a desired consistency that still maintains the properties of oobleck.

What’s the science of oobleck? Well, it’s a solid. No wait it’s a liquid! Wait again, it’s both! Very fascinating to be exact. Pick up solid chunks,  pack it into a ball and watch it ooze into a liquid. This is called a non-Newtonian fluid, a substance that acts like both a liquid and a solid. Slime is another great example of a non-Newtonian fluid!

For our winter oobleck version below we added some evergreen branches, pine cones and cranberries.

Also check other fun variations of oobleck…

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Materials Used:

  • cornstarch
  • water
  • tree branches
  • cranberries
  • pine cones
  • tweezers
  • pie plate

How To Make Evergreen Oobleck

STEP 1. Simply mix up about a cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water!

You can adjust the ratios as needed, but this recipe is a general guideline!

STEP 2, Pour and spoon the mixture onto a cookie sheet or pie plate and set out your bowls of evergreen goodies (really anything can be used for adding into the oobleck!).

STEP 3. Add a pair of tweezers and play!

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Evergreen Oobleck Sensory Play

This easy evergreen oobleck activity is also really awesome for fine motor skills practice. I always like to add a pair of tweezers just in case! He likes to think it is his idea to use them 😉 I noticed all the great tree branches my husband was cutting off and just knew there were going to be so many possibilities for play and learning! Oobleck is an awesome easy sensory play recipe!

While you are it, you could also set up this easy evergreen ice melt, evergreen observation activity or this crystal evergreen experiment.

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Although it’s a cool science activity, it’s also great sensory play too! We have done a few oobleck themes now and he is starting to understand the science behind it a bit more each time. I highly recommend finding fun ways to repeat science experiments to increase understanding! We are always finding new ways to try out similar experiments. Take a look around your house like we did.

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The last step is to get messy. Messy sensory play is so much fun! Evergreen oobleck is awesome to play with too.

Evergreen oobleck science messy sensory playPin

 Quick and simple messy science sensory play any day!

Click on the image below or on the link for more easy winter science activities for kids.


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