Evergreen Science

Evergreen Science Observation

Preschool Examination and Observation Activity

Evergreen science sensory play! Winter is the perfect time of the year to examine evergreen branches. We just cut down a Christmas tree this weekend and had some extra branches. They smelled wonderful and had a great texture. Why not set up a simple activity for examining and observing them. Gather your science tools and get started! We also made a fabulous evergreen sensory science oobleck too! If you still have leaves, check out a similar activity with leaves. Exploring nature is great fun for young children.

Evergreen Science Set Up

  • evergreen branches
  • sensory bin
  • science tools: magnifying glass, tweezers, eye dropper, safety glasses, scissors, ruler
  • water bottle to make a science sensory bottle
  • pine cones

Gather your supplies and fill a sensory bin with your trimmed evergreen branches. Add a tray with your science tools next to it. I also like to add an eye dropper with a small container of water for further examination.

Evergreen Science Sensory Observation and Examination

Awesome, open-ended exploration for preschool evergreen science sensory play! What a great and easy sensory bin for science play! Examining, observing and exploring are all about preschool science! Create curiosity and peak interest with an invitation to discover! He measured, snipped, and soaked the evergreen branches. He also learned that these lovely little green things are called needles and are the leaves of this tree.

Evergreen Science preschool exploring evergreens

We have been discussing change lately, and here is a good example of the dead needles on the branch.

Evergreen Science Observing branches

We also examined the pine cones and discussed how pine cones are called the fruit of the tree and inside are seeds. He went on exploring, measuring, snipping, shaking and observing the pine cones in our evergreen science activity. What a great sensory bin for science!

Evergreen Science Examining Pine Cones Play

We also made these simple discovery bottles for our evergreens and pine cones to get a different view of them! I love the evergreen bottles from Teach Preschool, so I just had to make our own with this evergreen science activity!

Evergreen sensory bottles pine cone sensory bottles

So much open ended exploration this morning! I love when he dives right into an invitation to discover and produces his own mini activities. He truly enjoyed collecting his tools, using his tools, and examining the evergreen branches. Preschool science can be so easy and natural using what’s available. Simple evergreen science!

Head outside today and bring a little nature indoors to explore!

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We extended the learning by creating an evergreen oobleck!

Evergreen oobleck Science Winter Science Sensory Play Christmas Tree Activity


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