Awesome Christmas cloud dough for easy Christmas sensory play! It has an amazing texture, crumbly and moldable at the same time. It’s a bit messy but cleans up easily. Our Christmas cloud dough feels amazing on the hands and smells like cookies.

Homemade Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough For Sensory Play

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Taste Safe Sensory Play Holiday Activity for Kids.


We love easy sensory play ideas for kids! Including this scented cloud dough that reminds us of Christmas cookie dough. Smells like cookies! We used our taste safe recipe to make this awesome smelling Christmas cloud dough recipe. We added a common scent and some sprinkles!

What is cloud dough? Cloud dough is a simple recipe of two ingredients, flour and oil. The combination creates a silky mixture that can be packed and molded but is still crumbly. It is light and airy and doesn’t leave a sticky mess on the hands. Bonus, it sweeps up easily too.

You will surely want to dig your hands into this! Christmas cloud dough or moon sand is an awesome and simple sensory recipe that is quick to whip up.

A few of our favorite cloud dough variations…

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough and Cookie Cutters Muffin Tin Pretend Play

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Recipe

Please note this Christmas cloud dough is taste-safe in case you have a child who might try it, but I wouldn’t eat it all!  Our original cloud dough recipe uses baby oil {not taste safe}!

Supplies Needed:

  • bin or container
  • 5 cups of flour (we have used all different kinds including gluten-free and buckwheat!)
  • 1 cup of cooking oil
  • vanilla extract
  • sprinkles
  • cookie cutters, muffin tin, baking pan, etc
Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Sensory Play Set Up

How To Make Christmas Cloud Dough

STEP 1. Measure, pour, and mix! Add all ingredients to your sensory bin and mix by hand.

You should be able to grab a chunk and mold it and have it hold. If not, you may need more oil. Too oily, add more flour!

STEP 2. Add vanilla extract to your scent preference. This smells just like Christmas cookies!

STEP 3. Set it out with tools and play!

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Sensory Play Making Cookies and Muffins Cookie Cutter Play

Use your simple kitchen tools for sensory play. Cookie cutters, measuring cups and small time make perfect additions to your Christmas cloud dough sensory play!

We loved smelling the Christmas cloud dough! Just like cookie dough. While you are busy in the kitchen this holiday season, whip up a batch of this Christmas cloud dough to keep the kids busy too!

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough gingerbread men play

Leftover Christmas colored sprinkles from last year were a fun ingredient to add to our Christmas cloud dough!

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough Stacking Cookies

Make it Chocolate Cloud Dough by adding one ingredient!

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play



Click on the image below or on the link for more fun and easy Christmas play ideas for kids.

Christmas sensory play activities and science sensory play ideas for 25 days of Christmas countdown. Perfect Christmas activities for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary. Play and learn this Christmas!



  1. I have not tested it more than a week. You can keep it loosely covered but you don’t want to trap moisture in the container. If it feels dry, you can add a touch of oil to bring it back again.

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