These actually work! I was sent a couple packages of these Peel and Stick Base Plates from Creative QT to play around with. I have been wanting to make a new table for our smaller space, so we came up with this DIY folding LEGO table. See how we did it.


DIY Folding LEGO table hack for Kids! Make a homemade LEGO table with these awesome peel and stick base plates.

Yes, this is a sponsored post with Amazon affiliate links. Yes, I love the product. You have probably noticed that I don’t do posts about products that have been sent to me. However, I make exceptions sometimes. Not often, but I do and thought we all might like these! This is not endorsed by the LEGO company.

Folding LEGO table for small spaces, travel, and large groups

Not only do the legs fold up, but the table folds in half! Just what I wanted. We can set it up anywhere and even take it with us! When all his friends come over, we can put out an extra table for them to build on too. Or we can make a city scene on it!


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NOTE: There are many more table options you can use! Check second hand stores or try re-purposing an old train table. I love this table because you can also adjust the leg height! My son really loves something he can comfortably sit at or even stand in front of, so the folding table was the away to go.

Need the kids close by while you work? Or do your kids just want to be where you are? Set up this folding LEGO table anywhere! Grab a bucket of bricks and you are covered {well hopefully the table will be}!

DIY LEGO table idea

These base plates are not endorsed by LEGO, so we call them LEGO compatible. They definitely are compatible! I am kind of a LEGO snob. I will admit, we just don’t do fake LEGO. But these are worth it.

Not only are these Peel and Stick Base Plates from Creative QT, but regular LEGO bricks actually fit very well! Add a folding table, and you will have an awesome DIY folding LEGO table everyone will love.

CreativeQT Peel and Stick Base Plates with a folding table for a DIY LEGO Table


CreativeQT Peel and Stick Base Plates {awesome price too!}

Folding Table {or any table surface you want}

Bricks and our book, The Unofficial Guide To Learning with LEGO!


We used two packages worth of base plates to cover this folding table, and it was worth it. The playing and building surface is so awesome. The sticky stuff is heavy duty, so they aren’t going anywhere. Best for an adult to do, but the directions are very clear and easy to follow.

Measuring for folding LEGO table

You know what they say about measure twice and cut once? Ok well we aren’t cutting anything, but my point is that you want to take the time to measure and plan before you peel off the backing. You will be happy you took the extra time!

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Finishing up homemade folding LEGO table with peel and stick base plates

You could easily just cover one half of the table and leave the other half free for drawing, games, or puzzles. We wanted a huge LEGO table on our smallish folding table!

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Awesome DIY folding LEGO table hack is perfect for home, school, community groups, church, and libraries!


You might here about LEGO table hacks. I hate that word really. This isn’t just a hack, it’s a really good idea.

Playing on the new folding LEGO table homemade project

Building your own folding LEGO table is an awesome project for the whole family to get into, and you will end up with an awesome surface for building, creating, imagining, designing, engineering, dreaming, and so much more.

DIY Folding LEGO Table! Easy and Homemade LEGO hack!


Make sure to bookmark all our cool LEGO building ideas to use with your new table!

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