A free Printable 30-day LEGO challenge calendar to use anytime during the year. Print it out, hang it up, and give it to your kids. Feel inspired and take your LEGO building time in a new direction. I have written out 31 Days of fun LEGO challenge ideas using bricks you already have. Hopefully, it will get you thinking of new ways to use those special pieces that don’t see much action. We love kids’ LEGO activities!

Fun LEGO Challenges

For our printable LEGO challenges calendar, I wanted to develop a few unique ideas to add to some classic LEGO building challenges. If you take a closer look, I have tried to add an extra element wherever possible such as attaching a marker to a car for drawing. This takes a classic Build a Car LEGO challenge and adds a cool new twist.

30 Days of LEGO building fun!

We have made a few other printable LEGO challenges, including our LEGO Math Challenge Cards and our LEGO Travel Kit and Challenge Cards.

magnetic LEGO travel kit

Get the LEGO challenge calendar for great activities to keep the kids busy after school, on camp, during school vacation, or when they are stuck inside!

Although these LEGO challenge ideas provide a bit of structure, there is tons of room for creativity, imagination, and design for your kids. It makes a great boredom buster for screen-free fun!

If you want to learn more about building your LEGO collection on the inexpensive side or more about organizing your LEGO, we can help with that too!

Get your FREE printable LEGO building challenges!

Don’t know what to build with your LEGO? Need some fresh inspiration? Grab the free LEGO calendar of ideas and get started right away!

LEGO Challenges

We try not to use many fancy pieces if at all, so anyone can have a go at these LEGO ideas at home.

Discovering how to use the LEGO pieces you already have to make something cool is a great skill for kids to learn early on. You don’t always need more of something. Instead, you need to use your imagination and work with what you already have!

Click the links below for inspiration or directions to build some of our coolest LEGO challenges. Remember, our pictures are just a guide to get you started with the pieces you have available.

Make a LEGO Catapult

A fun and easy way to explore physics, a LEGO catapult can provide hands-on learning for potential energy, kinetic energy, and more! Start with a safe internet search to check out different types of catapults or trebuchets!

Make a LEGO Balloon Car

Time to see Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion in action with a LEGO balloon car! This is always a blast, no pun intended!

Build a LEGO Zip Line

Gravity makes thing go! Kids of all ages will love this cool LEGO zip line challenge. It’s up to you whether you grab a simple pulley to add or not!

Make an Erupting LEGO Volcano

What do you get when you combine baking soda and vinegar with LEGO? A cool chemistry project for kids that’s what! Take this LEGO volcano outside or place it in a plastic tub inside.

Lego Volcano Experiment baking Soda Vinegar Volcano

Build a LEGO Marble Run

Classc fun with a DIY LEGO marble run! All you need is a baseplate, a pile of bricks and pieces, and a marble to get started. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like!

LEGO Ice Melt Rescue

Help! Yo need to rescue the LEGO man from ice! Combine states of matter with LEGO fun with this LEGO ice melt activity

Play LEGO Paper Football

Learn about this fun paper football game and design your own goal standard to play with a friend! Fun rainy day activity.

Engineer LEGO Robots {no tech required}

Design and build mini LEGO robots as part of our LEGO screen-free coding activities! You can also grab these free LEGO robot coloring pages!

Paint a Cityscape with LEGO

Combine art and LEGO with this fun process art technique to create an unique cityscape!

LEGO Puzzle with Piet Mondrian

Famous artist, Piet Mondrian, was known for his bright primary colors (black and white too) as well as his bold geometric designs. This simple LEGO mondrian art project is perfect inspiration!

Make a Monochromatic LEGO Mosaic

Get sorting to create a LEGO mosaic and learn about the monochromatic color scheme with this LEGO STEAM project!

Create a LEGO Self Portrait

Build yourself in LEGO with a brick built LEGO self portrait challenge! If you love creating unique self portraits, here are a few more portrait activities to try.

More Cool LEGO Ideas

LEGO Summer Calendar

Printable LEGO Challenge Cards

Theme LEGO challenge cards are the perfect way to breathe new life into your building challenges for each season and holiday.

Printable LEGO Challenges Pack

Our Ultimate Brick Building Challenge Bundle makes printing LEGO challenges and activities easy! Plus, you get access to a whole bunch of fun extras!

Click on the image below or on the link for more awesome LEGO activities for kids.


  1. What a great idea! I love that LEGO encourages creativity and imagination, but when I sit down to play with it with my kids I find that we build the same things again and again. This is a great way of sparking our imaginations.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for ideas to help my colleagues with Distant Learning Activities to share with their students. Your activities are very practical, thank you for sharing

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