These are the best kids LEGO activities because the easily use the bricks you already have! LEGO is one of the most incredible and versatile building toys. Usually, we enjoy tons of cool science experiments together, so we have mixed science and STEM with LEGO building. Find out all the coolest things to build with LEGO below and find free printable LEGO challenges to keep the fun rolling all year round.

LEGO Activities For Kids

As you may know, we LOVE everything STEM, science, and art. So we have combined that with LEGO for AMAZING learning and playing experiences!  You can use LEGO anywhere, including home, classroom, office, or group setting, making it the perfect portable activity for kids.

Whether you start with Duplo bricks for toddlers or preschoolers and work your way up to basic bricks for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond, LEGO building is for everyone!

LEGO lets your imagination run wild, and paired with science, STEM, or art; kids have a unique opportunity to explore LEGO like you have never explored it before.

Our favorite LEGO challenge: challenge your kids to build a LEGO volcano and then help them make it erupt!  See below for a link to this cool LEGO STEM project!

So Many Cool Things You Can Build With LEGO

We started with the regular-size LEGO bricks at the age of 4 and haven’t looked back. Year after year, my son’s building skills have increased tremendously. His use of different types of pieces and his knowledge of how different pieces function is also blossoming.

I have compiled a collection of our most popular LEGO activities for kids. The best part is that most of these fun LEGO projects can be done with basic bricks. This means it is accessible to everyone! Plus, there are a ton of LEGO printables throughout… or grab the HUGE Brick Bundle below.

The Benefits of Building With LEGO

The benefits of LEGO are numerous. From the hours of free play to more complicated STEM projects, LEGO building has been encouraging learning through exploration for decades.

Our LEGO activities below cover so many areas of early learning that can go right through to the early teen years. Have you ever thought of…

Building with LEGO teaches us how to problem solve and use intricate details to make a design come alive.

On top of all of this, LEGO builds families and friends. It’s a dad passing his old space LEGO set on to his son or two friends helping to put together the latest Star Wars set. LEGO is our past, present, and future.

Get started with our free printable LEGO Challenge Calendar!

Grab our FREE LEGO challenge calendar to get you started 👇!

LEGO Activities For Preschoolers

Engaging preschoolers in LEGO activities can be a fun and educational way to promote creativity, fine motor skills, and problem-solving. Here are some LEGO activities suitable for preschoolers:

Free Building: Allow preschoolers to explore and build freely with basic LEGO bricks. This encourages creativity and imagination.

Color Sorting: Sort LEGO bricks by color and let preschoolers create patterns or build structures using specific color combinations.

Counting Games: Use LEGO bricks for counting activities. For example, ask them to build a tower with a specific number of bricks or count the total number of bricks in a structure.

Letter Recognition: Incorporate literacy by encouraging preschoolers to build letters using LEGO bricks. This can be a playful way to introduce them to the alphabet.

Storytelling: Have children create scenes or characters using LEGO bricks and then encourage them to tell a story based on their creations.

Duplo Stamping: Use larger Duplo bricks or regular sized bricks dipped in washable paint to create stamp art. Preschoolers can stamp on paper to make colorful patterns.

Building Challenges: Provide specific challenges, such as building the tallest tower or creating a specific animal. This promotes problem-solving and critical thinking.

Shape Exploration: Introduce different shapes using LEGO bricks. Have preschoolers build various shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles.

Collaborative Building: Encourage teamwork by having preschoolers work together on a larger project. This fosters social skills and cooperation.

Remember to ensure that the LEGO bricks used are age-appropriate, and always supervise preschoolers during playtime to ensure safety. Additionally, consider using LEGO Duplo.

Awesome LEGO Activities For Kids

LEGO LandLEGO Landmark Challenges (FREE Printable)marks

Build landmarks with LEGO! Take a trip to a famous landmark with your bin of LEGO! Carve out a few extra minutes to do some quick research on the landmark to learn more about it.

LEGO Landmarks

LEGO Biomes

Build various habitats around the world with LEGO! Ocean, desert, forest, and more! Click here to grab the free LEGO habitats pack.

LEGO Animal Habitat

LEGO Games

Hands down this LEGO Tower Game is the #1 most popular LEGO activity. Have fun with LEGO and learning! This printable board game is perfect for number recognition. Or can you make a LEGO tic tac toe game with your mini figures?

LEGO Tower Game

Free Printable LEGO Challenges for Kids

Download this LEGO activities sheet here.

LEGO Science and STEM Activities

Click on the links below to check out how we love to use our LEGO®

LEGO Art Projects

Seasonal LEGO Challenge Cards

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