Create this easy shark paper craft to celebrate Shark Week or add to your ocean theme! Learn about these fascinating ocean creatures with a fun ocean theme art project! Try torn or ripped paper and get creative tips on adding fun art techniques like a watercolor background to this easy shark art idea. Make sure to grab the printable shark template for an easy ocean project.


Explore Sharks For Ocean Theme

Add this easy shark paper craft project to your season’s ocean theme activities. If you want to learn more about how to make collage art with a fun ocean animal theme, let’s grab the supplies!

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What is a Shark?

A shark is classified as a fish, not a mammal or a whale, despite the name of one species called Whale Shark (due to size only). Like a fish, sharks live in the water and use gills to filter and use oxygen to stay alive. However, unlike some fish, the shark’s structure is cartilage, not bone. Additionally, they give birth to live young and do not lay eggs.

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Get the free printable shark template!

Need a quick and easy shark template to use for your shark crafts? Here it is! Plus, get directions to try this collage paper craft.

How to Make an Easy Shark Paper Craft

Get ready for Shark Week or a marine biology lesson with STEAM! This easy shark paper craft is fun and can be changed to fit your materials or ideas! Get creative and use various art mediums or techniques with this free shark template.


  • Shark template
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Newspaper
  • Watercolor paint (make your own here)
  • Cardstock or Watercolor paper

TIP: Get creative and use magazines, newspapers, and other paper scraps for your narwhal craft, either for the narwhal body or the background! Your narwhal can be patterned or differently colored! Old National Geographic magazines are great for this.

STEP 1: Print the shark template.


STEP 2: Tear pieces of newspaper to cover the shark template.

Alternative: Trace the shark template onto a newspaper and cut it out for a quicker craft.


STEP 3: Cut out the shark.


STEP 4: Create a watercolor background! Use shades of blue, starting with a lighter blue on top and working to a darker shade of blue at the bottom. You can also mix in some green as well.

Alternative: Use watercolor paint to paint the shark and create a ripped paper background instead. Get creative!


STEP 5: Once your background is dry, glue or glue sticks attach your shark to the background. You can draw an ocean background and cut out fun curvy shapes for coral and rocks.


TIP: Create a separate background for extra creativity. Try paper collage with torn paper scraps, stamped newspaper, or watercolor and salt painting before adding the narwhal cutouts. There is so much room to personalize this Narwhal art project.


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Printable Ocean Activities Pack

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