Penguins are so much fun to learn about for a winter theme. These penguin activities were just right for preschool hands-on learning too. Sensory play, books, a little math, and animal habitats all rolled into a fun science activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten. Keep your science activities simple and playful. Plus, grab the free printable activity pack!


Explore Penguins For Preschool Science

Our science experiments are always hands-on and fun, but we don’t always do experiments with a huge WOW factor. However, we always try for a fun factor! There are so many concepts to explore!

We have been doing some wintery projects this week, and I thought learning about penguins through hands-on play might be fun!

We have fun penguin activities below, which are great for preschoolers. Explore penguins through both math and sensory activities. Plus, check out our list of fun penguin board games. Make sure to grab the printable penguin activity pack at the end!

Winter Science Experiments

Free Printable Penguin Activities Pack

Add to your penguin play and learning time with this free and simple-to-print penguin activities mini-pack to learn more about these fascinating creatures! Label parts of a penguin and explore the penguin life cycle along with more fun and educational activities for kids.

Penguin Ice Melt Activity

This simple and fun ice melt science experiment taught us about penguins’ adventure. His new favorite experiment is all about ice! All you need to do is freeze your penguins in an ice cube tray and then provide warm water to melt them!

penguin ice meltPin

Penguin Math Activities

I love to use books to help us learn about different subjects! The Penguin Book Birds In Suits by Dr. Mark Norman was inexpensive at a second-hand store. It’s probably a little advanced for now, but it had great pictures and fun facts. You might like National Geographic’s penguin book choice for more digestible information.

One of the facts that we found fun was looking at the height of the different penguins. We used our TOOB penguin figures for this activity.

Hands-on Penguin Math Activity:

We used a measuring tape and first measured his height. Then, we looked through the book, determined the height of each of our penguins, and placed them on the appropriate number. Great conversation for words like tallest, shortest, same, even, and more. Yes. He is taller than most Emperor penguins!

penguin measuring activityPin

More Fun Penguin Math Activities

Use these penguin cutouts to practice counting! Download, print, and cut apart the 20 penguins. Make it a game. Cut out a paper iceberg. Give each person 20 penguins. Take turns rolling a die and see who can get all their penguins onto the iceberg first!


Penguin Activities for Sensory Play

I admit I didn’t know much about the different penguins, so it was fun to learn something new together. Make sensory-rich habits for fantastic penguin activities.

Learning about penguins also includes where they live. No, they don’t live with polar bears! Bears at the top, penguins at the bottom!

We grouped them into three categories based on our book. The first are Antarctica (very, very cold), Sub Antarctica and cooler temperature islands (cold), and South Africa and South America, Galapagos Islands (warm-very warm).

Penguin Sensory Table Ideas:

Create a unique sensor bin for your penguin theme! Find more sensory bin tips and tricks here.

  1. Antarctic Iceberg Sensory Bin:
    • Fill a large bin with shredded white paper or cotton balls representing snow and ice.
    • Add small plastic penguin figures.
    • Include blue-tinted water or blue acrylic gems to represent the icy waters surrounding Antarctica.
    • Add some small rocks or pebbles to mimic the rocky terrain of the Antarctic coastline.
  2. Rocky Shore Sensory Bin:
    • Fill a bin with sand or kinetic sand to create a beach-like setting.
    • Place smooth rocks or pebbles around the edges to represent rocky shores.
    • Add small toy penguins.
    • Include seashells and small pieces of driftwood for added texture and realism.
  3. Penguin Colony Sensory Bin:
    • Fill a bin with black beans or aquarium gravel to represent the rocky ground.
    • Create small “icebergs” using styrofoam or white playdough.
    • Place small plastic penguins in groups to mimic a penguin colony.
    • Add some small rocks or pebbles for extra texture.
    • Include blue fabric or blue paper to represent the ocean surrounding the colony. Or try a bowl of water like we did!

TIP: Try our homemade fake snow!

penguin habitat playPin

Penguin Board Games for Kids

These penguin-themed board games offer a perfect blend of education and entertainment for kids, making game nights extra fun. Whether it’s memory, strategy, counting, or dexterity, these games bring the charm of penguins into the world of board gaming for kids. Amazon affiliate links are included.

Pengoloo: Overview: Memory meets strategy in Pengoloo. Roll dice to find matching eggs under cute penguins. Collect six pairs to win, enhancing memory skills in a fun way.

Hey, That’s My Fish!: Overview: Penguins compete for fish on a shrinking ice floe. Move strategically, create paths, and block opponents to collect the most fish. Simple rules make it perfect for introducing strategic thinking to kids.

Penguin Race: Overview: Penguin Race is a sweet game where players guide penguins along a slippery icy track, learning basic counting skills. Roll the dice, move the penguins, and race to the finish line in this fun and simple game for young children.

Don’t Break the Ice: Overview: In this classic game, tap ice blocks to free penguins without causing the ice to collapse. Don’t Break the Ice teaches cause and effect, providing suspense and entertainment for family game night.

Ravensburger Penguin Pile Up: Overview: A silly balancing game where players take turns stacking penguins on top of an iceberg without causing them to tumble. With its adorable penguin characters and simple rules, it provides endless entertainment while promoting fine motor skills and strategic thinking for young children.

Ice Hoppers: Overview: Ice Hoppers is a dexterity game where players flick penguins across the ice, aiming to land on fish spaces for points. This simple yet challenging game encourages hand-eye coordination and precision with whimsical penguin characters.

SmartGames Penguins on Ice: Overview: An engaging puzzle game where players arrange ice blocks to create paths for penguins to reach their fish. With 60 challenges varying in difficulty, it’s perfect for fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in kids.

More Preschool Science Activities

There are many fun ways to play, learn, and discover with preschoolers!

Printable Penguin Preschool Pack

Who’s It For?

Perfect for 3-to 6-year-olds in a preschool classroom, learning center, or home. Easy to set up and use with one kiddo or a classroom. This themed pack includes a book and supply list to help you easily set up the activities.

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Activities Include:

  • Mini Book
  • Life Cycle Diagram
  • Crown Project
  • Life Cycle Spinner
  • Ten Frame Math Cards
  • Alphabet Fishing (Science Theme)
  • Writing Center 
  • Tracing Cards
  • Board Game
  • Matching Game
  • Cover Up Game
  • Puzzles
  • Habitat Collage
  • Play Dough Mats and Tray
  • Sensory Bin


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