Exploring Fall colors with gourds and paint cards! Take a walk outside or visit a farm. This is the perfect time of year for exploring Fall colors. Beautiful jewel tones are abundant in Fall. We picked up a handful of paint cards to check out new colors. These Fall colors go way beyond your primary and secondary colors. Make color samples to take with you on your Fall adventures this season.

Exploring Fall Colors With Gourds

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Exploring Preschool Fall Colors With Gourds

One of the best parts of exploring fall colors this week was actually getting out and exploring! We visited a local farm, greenhouse, and market that sells all the wonderful bounty of fall including gourds, mums, Indian corn, corn stalks, pumpkins and of course cider donuts!

We spent a whole morning picking out our items together, taking photos and being together outside in awesome, cool fall weather. Take a look at our bounty!

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Use a hole punch to make a hole in each color.

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After bringing all our goodies home, we set out exploring fall colors! He was also very curious about the color names on the cards, which were a little odd. However, it was a great way to talk about shades of our favorite, standard colors. He enjoyed matching the cards to the gourds!

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One of the other fun ways we went about exploring Fall colors was to take pictures of what we saw on our little field trip. I let him take my iPhone and told him to take pictures of neat or colorful things.

With a little guidance, he caught some pretty colors of mums, pumpkins, corn, and warty pumpkins. We sat down an scrolled through them as well!

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Exploring Fall colors this season? Here are some great Fall colors sensory bin ideas!



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  1. I really like how you punched a hole in the paint chip cards and put it over each item to find color matches. I also love that he took pictures of fall colors. My son would definitely enjoy that!

  2. That is a really creative way to explore Fall colors. I love your bounty from the local Farm. Very festive!

  3. What a LOVELY learning station. I’m headed to the pumpkin patch soon and hope to pick up some gourds and small pumpkins for our table.

  4. Ohhh what fun – we’ve never thought to use paint chips for colour matching before and I love the holes that you can peep through.

  5. What up beautiful set up! I think now I need to go to the hardware store and pick up some paint chips, thanks for the idea.

  6. I love that you explored SHADES of various colors. Sometimes we run out of various colored crayons and we have to use a SHADE of a different color. I always get, “THAT’S NOT BLUE!”:) Explaining that colors have various shades with the paint samples and your fall items=priceless learning!

  7. I think I will be making a trip to the paint section in our local hardware store shortly. I have NEVER thought of using swatches to teach colours. Absolutely genius. I am curious as to what size hole punch was used. Any ideas?

  8. Love this! Featuring on my KBN roundup of Favorite Fall Activities and Crafts for kids at: http://www.happyandblessedhome.com/fall-activities-and-fall-crafts-for-kids/ Thanks for sharing!

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