This week’s theme is all about preschool farm activities! We are lucky to have had the opportunity to visit several different farms in the area including a sunflower farm and a dairy farm. There are so many interesting aspects to farm life from planting and harvesting to the different machines used.  We love hands-on preschool activities for learning!

Farm Activities For Preschool Farm Theme

Preschool Farm Activities Discovery Table Math Literacy, Science Sensory

Playful Preschool Farm Activities

These farm theme preschool activities below touch on many early learning areas including science, mathematics, literacy, fine motor skills, and sensory play.

It all starts with setting up a discovery table or sensory bins for both self-directed play and parent-included time.  I usually step back and let my son explore the materials and tools laid out and offer ideas, ask or answer questions as needed. Once he is satisfied with his own explorations, I enjoy sharing some simple farm activities with him.

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For our preschool farm theme I set out two bins of sensory materials, a preschool scale, related farm books and farm animals to start. As the week went on, I added the fence building/pretend play activity and the tractor with farm words.

Materials Used For Farm Theme Sensory Table:

  • Preschool scale
  • 2 bins for sensory play materials
  • Popcorn kernels (grocery store)
  • Decorative hay (craft store)
  • farm animals
  • tractor
  • 2  half cup measuring cups
  • 2 small same sized containers
  • Clothespins, paper, box or crate, marker
  • Books!

Note: Be mindful of your table size and your child’s ability to attend. Too many activities can be overwhelming at once.

Farm Activities Discovery table

Farm Activities For Farm Sensory Table

Although I have put an activity into each of the sections below, you will noticed that there are many crossovers as well. Sensory play is always involved. Playful preschool learning engages multiple senses!

 Farm Activities: Math And Science

Our new preschool level scale has been lots of fun!

Science lesson: Matter

Matter is anything that takes up room and has weight is matter. We talked about our two materials hay and corn. We experimented with the two materials to see which weighs more or less (great math terms).

Point out how a small amount of matter of one kind can weigh more than the same amount of matter of another kid. Hay vs. corn! We removed a few kernels at a time to make it even.

Math Lesson: Measuring Concepts

We explored full, empty, more, less, even, same while filling our measuring cups with corn.

Farm Activities Weighing Measuring Comparing Matter Volume Science And Math Play

 Farm Activities: Sensory Play

The decorative hay and corn kernels serve as wonderful sensory play materials for children. Please supervise as necessary.

Farm Activities Sensory Play

Preschool Farm Activities: Fine Motor Skills

Build a fence with a shoe box or crate. Cut 4 strips of paper and provide clothespins. Model how to attach clothespins and build a fence.

Let the creative play begin! Great for hand strengthening and fine motor skills too!

Farm Activities Fence And Stall Building Fine Motor Activity And Play

Preschool Farm Activities: Literacy

I printed out simple farm words for practicing vocabulary, matching objects, and identifying letters. I added farm books all week long from our collection and the library.

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Farm Activities Table Literacy Books Vocabulary

 Hope You Enjoy Our Playful Preschool Farm Activities for Kids!

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Fun Preschool Farm Activities For Playful Learning

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  1. I love that you used scales to compare the weight of different materials. What a fun discovery for children to experience the differences firsthand. The fence with clothespins and construction paper is really clever and fun.

  2. I really like the build a fence activity. We read Tractor and Farm Vehicles also during our Farm week, another good book that you can let them read is On The Farm by Jon Goodspeed.

  3. I LOVE how you integrated so many different skills in one activity! I think it’s awesome when an activity packs a big learning punch! On top of that, it was all fun and playful. Great job!
    P.S. The fence is such a neat idea!

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