Enjoy hands-on learning with a simple icy letter sounds activity. Perfect for science, sensory, and alphabet early learning play. Kids have fun practicing letter recognition, sounds, and fine motor skills while engaging in water sensory play. Make learning letter sounds fun and easy for kids with an ice melt science experiment. Make sure to check out all our fun ice play activities!


How to Set Up Letter Sounds Activity

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  • Alphabet letters. These are from a foam dollar store puzzle!
  • Items that represent the sounds made by each letter. This can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a toy! It just need to be able to get wet. For a couple I had to improvise and used playdough stamps with the letter.
  • Squirt bottle, baster, eye dropper, and/or squeeze bottle.
  • Bin to hold the ice tower and catch the water.

How To Make An Ice Tower

STEP 1. Cut the top off a milk carton and place a few items in the bottom and add a bit of water.

STEP 2. Freeze until solid.

STEP 3. Repeat in small layers until complete.

STEP 4. Simply tear the carton away. Place in a bin and get set to play!

letter sounds icy tower set upPin

The action speaks for itself! I encourage my son to rotate through the different fine motor tools to work on different skills. He loves the squeeze bottle the best! Basters are great, too! Squeeze bottles are a bit more challenging to master, but it is excellent fine motor practice. Liam felt very satisfied when he learned how to use the spray bottle!

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letter sounds activity ice melt sensory play with fine motor toolsPin

As he freed different letters and objects, he identified the letters and made their sounds! He also picked out the first letter of each object and identified the sound it made. Great hands-on learning playfully.

letter sounds activity sensory play squeeze bottlePin

Combining sensory play, fine motor skills, and letter activities all in one accomplishes so much in a short amount of time. This is perfect as a parent and even more perfect that it is still all about play!

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letter sounds activity sensory play ice melt baster squeezing fine motorPin

Extending The Letter Sounds Activity

Although this activity was intended to work on letter sounds, there are so many ways to extend the learning and play while keeping it novel. One simple sensory play activity can cover science, literacy, math, fine motor skills, and more. Have fun and be creative with your ice towers!

Kids can…

  • match objects to letters
  • come up with a different word for each letter
  • count the objects
  • try a sink or float experiment with the objects and have your child guess first what will sink or float
  • add cups for dumping and filling
  • add a small bowl next to the bin and practice transferring water with the baster or eye dropper
  • add ice cubes and a set of tongs and practice transferring the ice to the bowl

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