Do you have a little scientist at home? I do! Plus, I also need to find ways to encourage fine motor skills without worksheets. The solution? Fine motor science activities. My son has never been into the more traditional fine motor or craft activities, so I had to hunt for new ways to work on skills that would be lots of fun for him. We have tons of neat science experiments. They are all so engaging and visually appealing, but they also incorporate tons of fine motor practice

Fine Motor Science Activities for Kids

Fine Motor Science Activities for Kids


Writing, mark-making, line drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, and gluing have never been really enjoyable for my son. That’s ok because we have been working on his emerging pencil grasp with lots of other types of activities. I am pleased to say that when I do watch him use his pencil or draw pictures these days, he has an awesome tripod grasp.

Fine Motor Science and STEM Activities

I owe a lot of the credit to his teachers at school, but I also like to think that I sent him off to kindergarten with strong little hands and great finger dexterity because of all our play with fine motor science activities.

From making things erupt to launching erasers to making the ice melt, we practiced fine motor skills on a daily basis through our play activities.

No worksheets required

I paired his love of fun science experiments and the need for fine motor skills practice into easy fine motor science activities I could set up quickly at home. He’s an old pro with an eyedropper, tongs, and a squirt bottle.


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Science requires a great deal of fine motor work, patience, and perseverance. Much like learning how to write and form letters with a pencil. Many of these skills can be worked on during these fine motor science activities that will later be used when learning to handwrite.

Update: My son is now 10 and still going strong with a great pencil grasp, but he’s still not a fan of writing!

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Take a look through all our best science experiments and you will see plenty of fine motor work.

Click on the links below to check out all the details for each science experiment.

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Cotton Ball Water Absorption

Baking Soda Science {a year’s worth of fizzy fun}

Spidery Oobleck

Treasure Slime

Building Structures

Homemade Lava Lamp

Popsicle Stick Catapult or LEGO Catapult

Marble Run

Exploring Flowers

Coffee Filter Art and Science

Mini LEGO Robot Building

This is just a sampling of awesome fine motor science activities you can try with your kids both at home or at school. Simple supplies, simple tools, and simple fun, make learning and practicing fine motor skills a piece of cake even for the reluctant kid! I know because I have one!

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