Not all kids love learning the alphabet or writing letters, so you must have some creative tricks handy! I love that you can take a favorite building toy like LEGO and turn it into the perfect letter-building, letter-tracing, and letter-writing activity for any kid! Print out all 26 free LEGO letters below, then grab a handful of basic bricks and a pencil or marker! Make learning fun with playful LEGO activities!


LEGO Letter activity printable pages for kids


This simple LEGO letters writing activity is perfect for quiet, school, or any time! My son loves anything to do with learning with LEGO, so I made him fun pages to work on his new skills and retain skills already learned! Edit: Now he’s 13!

This letter activity is fun for both preschool and kindergarten-age kids! Of course, any age kiddo needing extra practice will enjoy these pages.

There are three parts to each LEGO letter page.

  1. Build the letter.
  2. Trace the letter.
  3. Write the letter.

Towards the bottom of this page, you will see a download box to get your pages!

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practice writing with LEGO letters


Three easy ways to play and explore with LEGO bricks and letters. Build, trace, and write. Go ahead and laminate for everyone to use over and over again.


  • Printable LEGO Letters
  • 2×2 or 2×4 Bricks (Combination works!)
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Page Protector Sleeve and Dry Erase Marker

We found that a page protector and dry-erase marker made the activity more fun and reusable! It’s all about the practice, of course! If you plan to use these with a large group of kids, you may wish to laminate them for extra durability. See below for more challenge ideas!


Use a handful of basic bricks to fill in the outline of the letter. Challenge your kids to build a 2D letter if appropriate!

build the letter with LEGO bricks


Once you have made the letter with LEGO bricks, move on to tracing over the letter written underneath!



Take those tracing skills to the next level and try to write the same letter without one to trace!


Make learning fun and easy with LEGO activities that kids will have a blast trying while working on so many fantastic early learning skills through play!


Get started with the alphabet with a complete set of printable LEGO letters!

Go ahead and build LEGO numbers too! Hands-on learning is everywhere, including our favorite bricks. Of course, you can build the alphabet too!

Printable LEGO Early Learning Pack

Get it all in one convenient pack, the Early Learning Brick Pack… numbers, letters, and shapes! (Note: This is also part of our Ultimate Brick Bundle)

More fun Printable LEGO Activities

Here are a few more printable and free LEGO activities perfect for early learning and are reader favorites.

Click on the image below or the link for more hands-on LEGO activities for kids.

LEGO learning Activities for Learning with LEGO book


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  1. It clearly states that you will receive all 26 letters in the free download, but when you click the button you actually only get the letter A (1 page).

  2. I would love to have the entire book emailed to me…since it is clearly stated. How sad!

  3. I got all the letters! Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your willingness to help make learning fun for little ones. Merry Christmas

  4. My son loves this!! Just wondering if there is a lego alphabet pages in lower cases?
    Would love to know. hes in pre-k and I would like for him to practice both

  5. Kind of sad some of the rude comments for getting something for FREE. Thank you, I love these and so will my 2 year old!

  6. How sad how so many people just complain, and not say thank you for somebodys’ hard work!

  7. Hi!
    I teach my class the lower case letters first. Have you by any chance got the lowercase lego building letters?

  8. Thank you so much! My children love anything and everything Lego (or anything that can be used to build!), and these sheets will be fun, especially during those times when nothing seems to make anyone happy Who can resist?! How large did you make the font? I’m going to try my hand at the lower case letters.

  9. Hi so sorry these are fantastic? I have also tried to download a few times but haven’t got sent them?