Ice makes an amazing sensory play and science material. It’s free (unless you buy a bag), always available and pretty cool too! Ice and water play make the best non-messy/ messy play around! Keep a couple towels handy and you are good to go. We have many fun ways for ice play we can’t wait to share with you. Even enjoy ice play in the coldest months!

Fun Ice Play Activities For Kids

Ice Play Activities All Year Long!

The simple act of melting ice is a great science experiment for the youngest child. This type of play opens up so many avenues for exploring, discovering and learning about the world. Provide your child with squirt bottles, eye droppers, scoops, and basters and you will also work strengthening those little hands for handwriting down the road.

I love how simple materials, that are readily available, create opportunities for observing, examining and thinking. Problem solving, formulating guesses, making predictions and enjoying the process will set your kids up for years of success. Don’t forget how much fun they are really having too! Open the freezer and see what you can do today.

Backyard Ice Water Play

Spring and Summer Ice Play

Ice Cube Painting

Hot summer fun with colorful ice cube painting! All you need is an ice cube tray, water, food coloring, and paper for an easy to set up ice cube art!

Frozen Flowers

Learn about the parts of a flower, play and sort, and enjoy a water sensory bin all in one activity.

Magnetic Ice Play

This magnetic ice science activity is the perfect combination for learning and playing.

Frozen Castles

Who says sand castle toys are just for sand? Not us! We like to use them for simple science and ice play activities too!

I is for Ice: Simple Preschool Science

Simple science with ice cubes and a bowl of water.

Icy Ocean Sensory Play

Use ordinary food storage containers to mold mini oceans. Add items in layers so that there is lots of fun things to unfreeze with this ocean theme ice play.

Icy Dinosaur Eggs

These frozen dinosaur eggs are perfect for your dinosaur fan and an easy ice activity! Super easy to make, kids will be hatching their favorite dinosaurs in no time.

Icy Super Hero Rescue

Add your favorite super heroes and a few villains to a large container of water for tons of fun ice play!

Frozen Color Mixing Science

Explore color mixing with colored ice cubes. What colors can you make? Check out all our color mixing activities.

Icy Star Experiments

A fun variation on frozen water, make up an ice melt with either oil, salt or baking soda.

Summer Ice Tower Red White And Blue

Cool off on a hot day with a melting ice activity. Check out our icy patriotic science play!

Bring The Beach Home Ice Tower (turns into an awesome tidal pond) MUST SEE

Check out how we made this frozen touch pool.

Icy Space Rescue

More fun ice play with a space theme.

Lemon Lime Scented Ice Play

For this activity, I froze lemon and lime scented water in all different-sized containers. I used bottled lemon and lime juice and tinted the water with yellow and green food coloring as well. He decided to use his super soaker backpack outside on the blocks of ice.

ice play lemon lime scented sensory water play

Fall and Winter Ice Play

Ice Cube Fishing

Kids will love this fishing for ice cubes that can be done no matter the temperature outside.

Ice Lanterns

Make these easy ice lanterns for a fun winter activity to do with the kids.

Ice Ornaments

These sweet winter ice ornaments are so simple to make and look so festive on our tree outside the kitchen window. 

Spooky Ice Hands

Turn an ice melting activity into a creepy fun Halloween melting ice experiment.

Snow Castles

Color some fresh snow and make a snow castle.

Ice Melting & Painting Activity

Explore what happens when you add salt to your ice melting activity.

heart ice science observations


Click on the image below or on the link for more easy preschool learning activities.

Preschool Learning Activities for a whole year of play and learning!

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