A very Frosty snow experiment! What’s better than using materials you have around. It’s winter time and guess what? We have plenty of the fluffy, cold, white stuff to make good use of for science activities. Why not set up a little STEM snow experiment with a snowman indoors. How long will it take for him to melt?

Melting Snow Experiment
Melting Snowman Science Snow Melt Science Activity

A simple and fun snow experiment for a cold Winter day!

We had yet another snowy day here last week! Although we played outside a good part of the day, there was still plenty of time to try out a little snow melting experiment. Our melting snowman science activity was perfect. We had just read, Snow and at the end, the kids rush to bring snow inside. Why not bring a mini snowman inside and see how long it takes for him to melt! We did a fun indoor snow melt activity last year with containers of snow.

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Snow Experiment Set Up, Supplies, and Results

Simple set up for this melting snow experiment! Clearly you need snow! We also added a ruler and a stopwatch {my phone} to check our results over the course of the day! This would be awesome for a few ages. Younger children can simply enjoy the visual and discuss whats going on while older children can record data, make a graph, and write in a journal!

Melting Snowman Science Set Up

Adding different tools to the melting snow experiment like a stopwatch and ruler makes it a great STEM activity too. Exploring math and technology while learning about melting is perfect. I dare say engineering skills were used to build the snowman too!

Melting Snowman Science Stopwatch Activity

I was pretty surprised by how long it took to melt this snowman. Our melting snowman took close to five hours to complete melt into a puddle. We went ahead and measured how much water he was too. Great way to practice so many different skills with such a simple snow experiment.

Melting Snowman Science Snow Science Snow Melt Activity

Ask questions! Help curious kids explore this easy melting snow experiment. What is happening? What does the melting snowman feel like? Is the water warm or cold? How tall is he now? By asking questions you get the gears turning. You never know what they will discover next and a snow experiment is so easy for a snowy day.

An indoor snow experiment where it’s warm and toasty!

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